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‘TV Shows’

Apple's First Original TV Series Trailer

Apple’s TV Series of Talk Show: First Effort at Original Content

Apple Announces Details of Its ‘First’ Original TV Series Apple announces its first foray into original TV series. For a long time there were speculations that Apple is heading to create its own TV shows and exclusive movies, it is officially confirmed now. Apple is entering the original content arena with a series of the… Read More

Producers of Star Wars prosecuted

Producers of Star Wars prosecuted for Harrison Ford’s injury

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the most successful movie at the UK box office. Foodles productions, the producer of Star wars: The force Awakens, have been accused of criminal charges by British health Authorities. In 2014 June Harrison Ford, 71 then was shooting for Star wars: The Force Awakens in Millenium Falcon, Pinewood studios… Read More