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Middle Back Pain Exercises/ Home Treatment Tips

Six Must Try Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Remedies for Lower Back Pain Lower back pain is one of the common health problem affecting millions of people around the globe. There is no fixed solution for this problem. One thing that works best for one person does not give relief to another. So one has to try various options and see what best… Read More

How to Stop Snoring Permanently

Stop Snoring Habit: There are Many Solutions for Habitual Snoret

How to Stop Snoring Snoring is a common condition that can affect anyone occasionally, but if it happens frequently, it is not only disturbing your family members but can lead to quality of your sleep. Poor quality of sleep causes irritability. It can even be a hurdle in your relationship. You don’t need to feel… Read More

Bariatric Arteriale Embolization Treatment

BAE – No Surgery Weight Loss Procedure, Appears to Be Effective

Bariatric Arterial Embolization – No Surgery Weight Loss Procedure Researchers have developed a new treatment that will help weight loss and reduce appetite in severely obese people. This new treatment is called Bariatric Arterial Embolization (BAE). This will be an alternative to weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass, lap band surgery and so on. Initial… Read More