Know All about Open Enrollment Season: Help for Applying Healthcare Insurance

Get Help on Applying for Health Insurance or Open Enrollment Season

Open enrollment season brings a lot of confusion about healthcare options. Various companies offer different coverage packages for consumers. Here are four things that must be known about open enrollment season.

It is About More than Just Routine Health Insurance

Generally most of us think about health care benefits that focus on what is covered and what is not covered in the insurance policies. It includes mainly routine medical checkups, health screening, dental coverage and vision examinations.

Your Benefits Might Have a “Use it or Lose it” Feature Most Healthcare Plans Come into Two Categories: FSA Offerings or HSA Plans

The Flexible Spending Account is meant for any benefits that should be used or taken advantage by the last date of the coverage. However, Health Saving Account is not work in same way. Health Savings Account must be linked to a high- deductible health insurance plan. Premium of high deductible plans are lower than traditional plans.

There are more than 10 million people enrolled in Health Saving Account. Though both FSA and HAS plan work differently, both plans are meant for tax advantage.

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There are No “Do Overs” for a Year

Many people ask that is there any possibility to change a health care plan in middle of the year. But unfortunately, this is not possible and one have to stick with the same plan until the next open enrollment season, unless change in family circumstances such as, getting married, divorced or having a baby (naturally or adoption).

You should Pick the Best You can Afford, but Skip Some Things

Consider three factors to get the best healthcare policy at the most reasonable package; price, coverage and ease of use. While affordability matters greatly, don’t let the monthly premiums be the single criteria. Also look at the prescription drug costs on a plan, the deductible that should be pay before benefits kick in, and overall limits on how much you can be expected to shell out in any given year.

Regarding coverage, find out what services and procedures are included as well as those that are excluded before picking a plan. Don’t make the mistake of picking a policy with rock-bottom pricing that covers only major injuries or catastrophic illnesses. Find out the process for submitting claims, toll- free phone help and online assistance is available from a health insurer.

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