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Financial Mistakes to Avoid at Every Age

Examples of Bad Financial Decisions That Sound Smart but Are Really Dumb

Most people made financial mistakes that seem very sensible at the time but it turned in stupidity over a time. Those decisions are may be Budgeting for the short-term, Overspending on housing, Skimping on career investments, Falling victim to spending traps, Failing to negotiate prices, Earning income from only one source, taking too much debt,… Read More

What If You can't Afford to Save?

Every One can’t Afford these Common Money Saving Advice

Money is not the matter of wasting. Some people believe that they are financial experts and they spread their knowledge here and there. But most of the time, advices received are not true for every life. Necessary differs from person to person. Carefully assess your need and run for a good. Save 10 Percent for… Read More

Workplace Financial Wellness Programs

Best Ways to Get More from Your Workplace Benefits

Besides salary (received by an employee at its work’s place), there are other ways to earn more at your workplace itself. There are three ways to get more money discussed in detail below. Save Smart in Your Retirement Plan 401(k) plan or a similar contribution retirement plan is saving option to an employee for the… Read More