Guard Your Marriage with Investment in Hedging Marriage Policy

Hedging Marriage Policy

There is a new investment opportunity for a marriage couple named Hedging marriage. The stock market is going down, the gold market is sliding back and federal lending rates are going down towards. Hedging marriage is also known as ‘Save Marriage’ policy.

A new service for wedding guests is “Wedding Gift Return”. Guests purchase costly gifts for the wedding couple and many of them get divorced. Many companies provide protection under a new policy of gift. The company gives a chance to guests, to ensure that the money spent on wedding gift won’t turn in tomorrow’s divorce, as more and more couples are going to the divorce court.

Guests simply register on the company’s website after buying a present. They pay 8% of the gift’s purchase price and upload a copy of the receipt on a website. If the couple divorced within three years, Wedding Gift Refund will reimburse the full price of the present/ gift.

The website allows customers to insure multiple gifts. They can produce receipts also. The only one restriction was that the cost should be between $50 and $500. At a glance, this is not a great investment but 8% cost is not a big amount for those who are spending that much on gifts. If insured receives 92% of gift after a divorce of a couple, it is not in a waste.

In history, there are more frauds taken place. A few years ago, financial instruments like credit card threatened to destroy the global economy. Insurance policies were designed to ensure that lenders would not lose their money when loans failed. But few investors found that it was possible to take out insurance policies on loans that they didn’t actually hold. Thus, when the loans failed, they didn’t lose any money on the actual loan but get profit from the insurance policies. The trick was known to market that taking out insurance policies on gifts was not actually buy.

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According to one statistics, couples get married before 18 are twice that get divorced than those who get married after 24 years age. Factors like a number of children, prior failed marriages, profession, whether or not a partner smokes can also have a great impact on a marriage.

Besides this, website has a marriage calculator which is a great tool for quick determination for investment. Just visit a website and get a result.

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