Exploring Skyrim’s Complex Choices: Siding with Siding

1. Introduction

The world of Skyrim is rich with stories, and at the heart of these tales are the choices made by the Dragonborn. These choices range from the seemingly mundane to the profoundly impactful. One such decision revolves around a character named Sinding and his dire predicament. As you embark on your adventures in Skyrim, you’ll soon find yourself confronted with a moral dilemma that may shape the course of your journey.

Join us as we navigate the intricate narrative of Skyrim and explore the story of Sinding, the cursed, and the rewards or consequences that come with your choice.

2. Who is Sinding?

Sinding, initially found imprisoned in Falkreath Jail, is a character shrouded in mystery and misfortune. His incarceration follows a series of murders, a fact that paints him in a sinister light. Yet, as you delve deeper into his tale, you’ll discover layers to Sinding’s story that challenge your initial assumptions.

3. The Cursed Ring of Hircine

At the heart of Sinding’s predicament lies the cursed artifact known as the “Ring of Hircine.” This accursed ring has condemned Sinding to transform uncontrollably into a werewolf, leading to the crimes that have resulted in his imprisonment.

4. A Daedric Prince’s Favor

Complicating matters further, the enigmatic Daedric Prince Hircine is intimately involved in Sinding’s plight. As you cross paths with Sinding, you will receive direct communication from Hircine through his artifact, the “Cursed Ring of Hircine.” The Daedric Prince presents you with a choice: assist Sinding in his quest to rid himself of the curse or lend your aid to Hircine in his hunt.

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5. The Rewards of Compassion

Opting to assist Sinding sets you on a unique journey to acquire a prized item known as the “Skin of the Saviour’s Hide.” This exceptional piece of light armor offers invaluable benefits to those favoring a nimble and agile approach to combat. It serves as a testament to your compassion and willingness to aid a tormented soul.

6. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Can I choose to assist Hircine instead?

A1: Yes, if you opt to aid Hircine in his hunt, you will receive a different reward – the “Ring of Hircine.” This ring grants you the power to transform into a werewolf at will, a tantalizing option for those who crave the abilities of lycanthropy.

Q2: Are there any long-term consequences to my choice?

A2: No, your decision to assist Sinding or Hircine primarily impacts the reward you receive and does not lead to lasting negative consequences.

Q3: Can I complete both quests?

A3: No, you must make a definitive choice to either help Sinding or assist Hircine. These quests are mutually exclusive.

Q4: Is the “Skin of the Saviour’s Hide” a unique item?

A4: Yes, it is a unique piece of light armor in the game and cannot be duplicated.

Q5: Can I sell the “Skin of the Saviour’s Hide”?

A5: Yes, you have the option to sell it, but many players choose to keep it due to its exceptional properties.


In the enchanting realm of Skyrim, choices serve as the pillars upon which your adventure is constructed. The decision to aid Sinding or Hircine is but one facet of the countless moral dilemmas that await you. While the rewards may differ, always remember that the beauty of Skyrim lies in the diversity of paths you can tread. Whether you opt for compassion or power, your adventure in this breathtaking world is uniquely yours.

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