All About Malpractice Insurance: Malpractice Insurance Premiums by Specialty

What is Medical Malpractice Insurance?

Malpractice Insurance is one kind of professional liability insurance which is purchased mostly by health care professionals as such doctors, nurses, surgeons or other medical professionals or hospitals. It is also called personal liability insurance.

When there is any medical malpractice occurred by the health care provider and causes injury or death to the patient. It is because of only the professional negligence. So it is necessary for the medical professionals to purchase the malpractice insurance before providing medical care or opening private dispensary.

A premium on the malpractice insurance is generally based on the physicians’ specialization and geographic location. It may be higher the amount of premium based on several related factors like claim frequency, practice location or coverage needed.

Generally, there are two types of malpractice insurance like occurrence made and claim made. Many a time employers provide their employees’ malpractice insurance. But if you are self-employed or medical practitioners you should purchase it and also make payment for the insurance.

Many a time plaintiff can wait for the two to three years to file a claim for the injury which has resulted because of medical malpractice. This insurance is one of the most expensive types of insurance policies.

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