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How to Pay Appalachian Power Bill Online?

AEP Login to Online Bill Pay: The Appalachian Power provides the electric services to the citizens of the United States. It is based in Charleston, West Virginia. It provides its services about 1 million customers across its territory including the parts of central and Southern West Virginia, Southwest Virginia and also the parts of Northeast Tennessee as specially Kingsport. Here we get a guide for Appalachian electric bill payment options.

Appalachian Power Park is Located in the Prescribed below Area:

601 Morris Street
Charleston, WV 25301

Official Website:

How to pay Appalachian Power Bill Online by AEP Login?

Now the question is that how to pay Appalachian Power bill online if you are the customer of it then is very easy by AEP Login. Here are the guidelines are given to pay your bill online as prescribed below. The procedure to pay online bill is very easy. You are just required to understand some terms before going for online payment of Appalachian Power.

First of all, you should register yourself for an online account with Appalachian Power to make an online payment. For that, you just have to visit its Official Website.

Here are the steps are given for Registration as following:

  • First of all log on to the website
  • You can see the login section on the right side of the homepage. There is a link available “REGISTRATION NOW”. Click on that link.
  • Now you will on the web page named “REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT”.
  • There is a link of “FIND YOUR ACCOUNT”. You are required to enter your phone number in the box and click on the button of ‘CONTINUE’ to for the further registration procedure.
  • Thereafter you will be required to verify your address. Hence check it carefully and if it is correct you have to check the option of YES and click on the button CONTINUE.
  • Next, you will be required to confirm your address. You just have to enter the last FOUR digits of your Social Security Number. At the alternate way, you can enter the bill amount of any of your past three bills.
  • Thereafter, you are required to enter your desired USER ID PASSWORD. Remember that make a good and strong ID & Password.
  • At the end, you just have to enter your EMAIL ADDRESS and click on the button ‘COMPLETE REGISTRATION’. Then you will be received a confirmation message shortly at your email address.

Now you can pay your bill online after making registration with Appalachian Power. Here are some steps are given to make bills payment online as follows:

  • First of you should login to your account. For that just visit the official website and you can see the Login section on the right side of the homepage.
  • Enter your USER ID and Password and click on the button “LOGIN”.
  • You can see the link of BILLS & PAYMENTS on the account summary section. Now click on this link.
  • After that click on the option of “PAY YOUR BILLS”. You are required to select your payment mode as available.
  • Then choose the ‘RESIDENTIAL’ option and enter the necessary information and click on the button of “CONTINUE”.
  • At the end, you just have to enter your Bill Amount, select a type of payment and click on the button of “AUTHORISE” to complete the payment procedure.

    Appalachian Power One Time Bill Pay
    AEP Login to Appalachian Power Online Bill Pay

Automatic Payment Method:

If one wants to make automatic bills payment of your Appalachian Power bill without following the online process of payment, a company provides you the automated monthly withdrawal option. You are required to enroll first then only you can make automatic payment. Once you have enrolled into the system, an amount of your bill will be automatically paid off by the due date monthly. There are not any enrollment fees will be charged.

For enrollment, you just have to visit the Website as provided below.

CHOOSE YOUR STATE and click on the “GO” button and go through the registration process. It’s a very easy mode to make a bill payment.

Website for Automatic Payment:

Other options of payment of bills available:

There are also other options available in addition to online payment of Appalachian Power bills through ways as prescribed below:

a) Payment by Mail:
One can make bill payment through the mail. You just have to send your cheque to the address as mention below:
Appalachian Power,
PO Box 24404,
OH 44701-4404

If you want to make payment in hurry you ate required to send an overnight payment to the address as prescribed below:
Appalachian Power,
322, Dewalt Ave SW,
OH 44702

b) Payment by Phone:
One can make a payment over a phone of your Appalachian Power bill. You are required to call the toll free number at 1-800-611-0964. You may use your bank account or credit card for a payment of a bill. Before making a payment you should keep your payment information and customer account number ready.

Other information: Appalachian Power

Toll-free phone numbers are provided as below:
Payment over phone: 1-800-611-0964
Virginia Phone Number: 1-800-956-4237
West Virginia Phone Number: 1-800-982-4237
Tennessee Phone Number: 1-800-967-4237
Business Customer Needs: 1-888-710-4237

At the Conclusion:
Hence it can be said that Appalachian Power provides you easy and convenient modes for making payment of bills. For more details, you have to visit its official website as prescribed here. .

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