Apply for Instant Cash Loans – 60 Minute Payday Loans Review

Get Loan in Minutes – Short Term Loans in One-Hour Process Time

Instant cash loans in minutes: 60 Minute Payday Loans provides you up to $1000 cash with instant approval. It happens sometimes that you are in emergency need of funds and you don’t have any sources to get the cash. Though Payday loans are the last resort you have to take, it can be the easiest and safest way to get money. Payday loans are the short term loans you get against your pay on your next pay day.

Payday loan is a three-step process: apply for the loan, get it approved and the loan amount is deposited in account. Though it is an easy three step process, it might take some processing time. 60 minute Payday loans offer you the loan in one-hour process time in a true sense!

60 Minute Payday Loans are provided through lender matching program. They offer cheap and affordable loan in a short time frame to meet your short term financial needs. It doesn’t require any paperwork. Once you submit an application, they quickly match you lenders. Then you will be directed to lender’s site where you can get details of the terms of a loan which includes processing fee, interest rate, repayment information etc. On approval, the cash will be deposited in your bank account in no time.

Repayment terms for the loan vary according to the lender. Some of the lenders may renew the loan for another term by paying fees if you can’t repay.

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How to apply for 60 Minute Payday Loan

You can apply for the payday loan online at You can apply and get the loan comfortably sitting home. The online application process is simple. You have to fill up an application form. You can complete the application form within 7 minutes. Following given are the steps on how to apply:

  • Go to www.60daypayloan
  • Enter your first name, last name, email address in the application form displayed in the right of the home page. Then click on ‘Apply Now’ button.
  • Enter your personal information, employment information and bank information as instructed and submit the application form.

You application will be processed in few minutes and you will be notified accordingly.

Customer Support

If you have any query, you can send your query online through ‘Contact Us’ You just have provide your information and write your query and then just send it. You will get quick reply.

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