Best 4 Dog Insurance Providers Review and Cheap Dog Insurance Lifetime Cover

Best Cheapest Dog Insurance Providers Review and Lifetime Cover for Older Dogs

Dog owners are always concerned about the good health of their pets. Here we will discuss on best dog insurance providers reviews and cheap dog insurance lifetime cover for older dogs. An insurance policy with comprehensive coverage from a reliable insurance provider is of great help to meet medical expenses. You can take an insurance form an insurance provider that provides you flexible payment options that suit you the best. If you are having a working pet, you have to ensure that it protects your dog while on the duty.

There are many pet insurance providers, some of them provide basic coverage that may include illness and accident, whereas others provide additional coverage to such hereditary conditions, chronic conditions, vaccination, dental cleaning etc. You can decide on from which insurance provider you have to take insurance depends on the type of coverage options you want to include and other important features offered by it. Following given is the details of four best insurance providers for the dog.

1. Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble is one of the popular insurance providers for the dog. It offers four dog insurance policies having different levels of coverage for illnesses, accidents and other health conditions. One of the plans is the Safety plan which offers the basic level of coverage and protects your dog against accidents. There is no age limit for this insurance. Three other plans are comprehensive plans and protect for all types of medical needs.

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Wellness care is not included in this plan but can add it to plan by paying an extra amount for it. If your dog is less than the age of 9, you can also add continuing care to your plan which is optional, it covers medical related chronic conditions. There are no deductible or co-pay co-pay options offered by Protect Your Bubble. It offers very low deductible of $100 and co-pay is just 10%.

2. Pets best

Pets Best offers unique basic dog health insurance policy that includes extras in their standard policies. It covers for basic medical needs such as accidents and illnesses as well as covers for examination fees whenever visited a licensed veterinarian, accidents occurred while hunting or any medical services needed at work for the working dog. This type of coverage you will hardly find with some other insurance provider. You can also customize your insurance plan with the Pets Best and add optional wellness coverage to it. It also allows you options for deductible and co-pay. Pet Best offers speciality plans that provide focused coverage at a very low monthly charge.

3. Trupanion

Trupanion pet insurance is one of the established insurance providers for the dog and provides 90% of veterinary charges. It provides comprehensive coverage to hereditary, congenital and chronic disorders in addition to general illness and health conditions. Dogs up to age 13can are insured from Trupanion.

Trupanion has a feature known as Trupanion Express that makes direct payment if you get your dog treated from a Trupanion partner veterinarian and as such it doesn’t require you to pay first for the medical expenses and then apply for the reimbursement. The standard coverage is deductible free. Trupanion insurance doesn’t cover your pet for the pre-existing conditions as well as for routine care such as vaccinations. There is no limit to the payment amount; you will be paid any charges. Trupanion insurance is offered very low premium. If you have to get reimbursement, it will be processed very fast.

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The Trupanion covers everything from diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, hospital stay, therapeutic food, supplements are given etc. Trupanion provides dog insurance coverage for working pets too. One important feature of Trupanion is that it offers optional Pet Owner Assistance package and covers for additional expenses like advertising and reward money in case your dog gets missing.

4. Petplan USA

Petplan is a very popular insurance provider. If you have a dog of an expensive brand, you must take an insurance plan from Petplan as it offers very high benefits up to $22,000. Petplan offers three basic insurance plans. It provides comprehensive coverage to meet almost any medical need your dog may undergo. There is a Bronze plan that offers standard coverage, whereas the Silver or Gold plans offers some useful benefits that other insurance providers hardly offers. Petplan covers veterinary examination and all the medication that the veterinary prescribes.

Your dog even gets coverage for chronic conditions or hereditary illness if developed after you sign up for the policy. The basic insurance plans cover for alternative and holistic therapies too. If you need to leave your pet to the eligible boarding house, for the time being, you get up to $250 if you have a silver plan and up to $500 if you have a gold plan for your dog. It also offers death benefit.

If you are thinking of an insurance plan for your dog in order to meet any health expenses, you can choose a plan from one of the providers discussed above and be relaxed.

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