Best Budget Air Purifier for Dust UK for Allergies and Asthma Patients

Best Budget Air Purifier UK – It can Prevent Respiratory Problems

Best Air Purifier for Dust UK: Air purifiers can be helpful in preventing yourself from respiratory issues such as allergy and asthma according to the medical experts. Here we will discuss on British Allergy Foundation Air Purifiers.

We might not be aware that indoor air is not pure but polluted with innumerable pollutants from various sources such as smoke from cooking or tobacco, smoke from burning incense stick or dhoop, dust from furniture, curtains, carpets etc.

Let’s check Best Air Purifiers 2017 UK. Pollutants can be indoor as well as outdoor. You might be surprised to know that indoor pollutants are 1000 times more likely to reach lungs than outdoor pollutants. The air purifier can be the easiest solution to clean such polluted air, as it reduces air pollutants from the air.

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Research shows that every year 5.5 million people die from diseases caused due to indoor and outdoor air pollutants with India and China at the top with 55% of the death toll.

Most of the Indian cities are much polluted and causes a serious concern for major respiratory problems and health hazards. It is a challenging issue to address for.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) reports, the air quality of Indian metropolitan cities is worst in the world and there has been a sharp rise registered in respiratory problems. Specifically, an immuno-compromised population that includes children, elderly and people having malnutrition are affected the worst.

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According to the respiratory allergy specialist, installing an air purifier can be a good way to stay away from air pollutants. You also need to take other precautionary measures such as avoid carpeting, use an air conditioner in warmer months, get all air filters clean at each change of season, ban indoor smoking, use hot water for laundry to get rid of dust mites etc.

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If you have a pet, you need to take extra precautionary measures. You must breathe clean and fresh air.

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