Best Panini Press and Sandwich Makers: User Reviews

How to Buy Best Panini Press and Sandwich Makers?

If you love sandwiches, then a Panini press is the best option for you. Panini press is also known as a sandwich presser sandwich maker. Panini is the Italian word and its meaning is grilled sandwich. Panini press contains two heated plates as to put pressure on the bread and the toasted sandwich comes out from it. Its plates are made of cast iron, glass ceramic or Teflon coated material. Nowadays there are variety types of Panini makers are available in the market with a great feature to prepare everything from vegetables and meat.

Many brands of Panini makers are available such as Cuisinart, Breville, Hamilton Beach, Warring Italian and much more. There are different types of models, different features and different prices of Panini press. Thus which one is best for you is depend on your needs. The most considerable features in the Panini press are like grill surface area, removable plates, floating hinge and adjustable hinge. All are briefly explained below:

  • Grill surface area is the most considerable feature. People mostly prefer a smaller grill surface as it requires some little space in the kitchen. If you like to prepare a lot of sandwiches at once you require a large surface area. Usually, people who make just one or two sandwiches at a time prefer a smaller grill. So it can be said that whether to buy big or small Panini maker is depend on your making requirements.
  • One of the most considerable features is the floating hinge. It is used for closing the grill of Panini maker.
  • If you want to grill a lot of various types of foods adjustable thermostat becomes very helpful. However, this feature is available mostly in the higher end grill models. If you like to prepare a variety of foods and versatile maker than consider this ultimate feature and go with the best option.
  • Last but not the least a very important considerable feature is the removable plates. It is very helpful to keep your Panini maker clean. When you are preparing sandwich ooze out of the bread and it sticks onto the grill grates. If there are removable plates a cleaning system becomes easy.
  • Consider all above the features before going to buy the Panini maker and choose the best as per your needs.
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