B&H Apple Watch Deals: Discount Price $100 Off on www.bhphotovideo.com

B&H is giving $100 off on Apple Watches!

B&H Apple Watch Discount 2017: It has been rumored for some time now that Apple is about to launch its second Apple watch in March 2016. According to rumors, Apple will launch new iPhone probably iPhone 5se and an update its Apple watch in an event around 15th of March, 2016. Here you may find all type of news about b&h apple watch deals and discount price $100 off on www.bhphotovideo.com.

Many statements are coming from different sources which support the rumors. Between these rumors, Apple’s authorized resellers like B&H have got some good news for Apple watch lovers. They have cut down the prices of Apple watches. Yes, you heard it right B&H is giving $100 off on 20 different models of Apple Watches.

Apple Watch Sport 42mm Smartwatch
B&H is giving $100 off on Apple Watches

This sale is available on 10 different versions of the 38mm model and 10 different versions of 42mm watches. The sale is also available on Stainless steel models, space gray aluminum models and rose gold aluminum models.

Apple watches are available at $249 starting price which is really impressive for new Apple Watches. This includes free shipping and free in-store pickup if you live near B&H locations. B&H is also giving less on Apple’s first generation Mac Book.

Do this discounts further adds that the rumors of new Apple watch to be launched in March is true? According to some yes, the retailers are just making space for the new lot coming. But others think that this offer has come up just before Valentine to attract more customers.

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Only time will tell us what is true but for now, it is you who will decide whether to buy one out of twenty different only one year old launched watches or buying the rumored Apple watch 2 after March. So think and act.

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