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Reliance Jio online booking: The free Jiophone is really free? On Friday 21, July 2017 in 40th AGM of Reliance Industries the owner of the RIL Mr. Mukesh Ambani announced the new entry-level phone JioPhone. Now if you want to register for new JioPhone online then visit official website At their home page, you can access JioPhone booking page. Interested customer may share their details with Reliance Jio and the company will get back to you.

Mr. Mukesh Ambani announced that it is for free.

In very next minute they also announced that the company would take a three-year securities deposit of Rs 1500/- for JioPhone.

This deposit is refundable. But, before book/buy JioPhone Reliance online, you need to know all details in brief. After the announcement, many people want to know JioPhone registration process and JioPhone delivery date.

Now users have some question related to this. Some of them are listed below.

Question 1: Why are you saying that this JioPhone will not be free?

Mr. Mukesh Ambani said that this phone to be free, but the user can get this phone if they are paying 1500/- security deposit of it. They also announced that this security deposit is refundable after 36 months contract.

If any user wants to surrender his/her phone then he/she can take back the deposit.

But the terms and conditions of the company will be applicable for this. which has been not reported yet.

Question 2: What will be the data tariff of this 4G phone? Will Voice, SMS, and Roaming Be Free?

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Mainly this 4G JioPhone has a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Data Tariff Plan. Mukesh Ambani has placed the maximum emphasis on a monthly (monthly) plan of Rs 153.

If any user wants other kinds of plans then they have options like Daily Rs 12 for Daily and Rs 54 for Weekly Data Plan.

No explanation for whole year plan yet.

All these plans will be different from current Jio Summer Surprises and wealth offerings. Voice, SMS, and roaming will be completely free in this 4G feature phone. It’s like Mukesh Ambani announced in September last year at the official launch of Jio.

Question 3: Even this one will also be not available without AADHAR Number?

There is no need for AADHAR number to buy this phone.

But to buy Jio’s SIM it is necessary to do E-KYC and it can only be done with an AADHAR number and biometric data.

For any new or old Jio device, AADHAR number is not necessary.

Question 4: Will it have to take a new JioSim, or any of the older ones will run?

No, there is no need to buy any new 4G sim. Yeah but this will be open and affordable devices so that you will get a phone. It will have only one slot and it is only 4G. Any 2G or 3G sim will not work.

Question 5: How is this different from the 2G and 3G feature phones? Will having a phone run all my work?

The main difference between old featured phone and JioPhone is 4G VoLTe support.

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Like old phone, even this phone will not have a touch screen, but yeah this phone has memory card slot.

Like 3G smart phone this phone has no front camera option.

To keep the single phone or 2 phones is obviously depends on a user’s choice and needs.

But those who have habit of touch screen and smart phone for them this phone is not enough.

Secondly, there will be limitations on using smart apps because of low memory.

Question 6: What are the game changer features and how will the battery back up?

Voice commands will be played on and connecting with the TV is being described as two game changer features.

It has a 2000mAh battery that can back up a day and can run in standby mode for up to three days.

It is difficult to run the battery more than one day because the 4G data will be congested so the speed of the processor will be high.

The more users will use the data, the battery runs so low and this will also apply to this phone.

Question 7: How the user will book the Phone when they will get it?

According to Reliance Jio’s Spokesperson, this phone will be launched in the next 15 days. This means that on August 15, this phone will be given to Reliance Jio employees, select distributors, experts and testers to get their user test.

From August 24 the pre-booking of JioPhone will be started.

In the second week of September, the phone will be delivering to the pre-booking users.

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Question 8: Will Reliance be able to supply it or will people have to stand in long lines?

According to what Mukesh Ambani has said, the company has so many capacities and inventories that it can deliver 50 lakh phones per week. In which there will be no need to stand in lines.

For Pre-Booking users have option like,


  1. User can go to the store
  2. They Book online at
  3. From the App, user can do the Pre- Booking


After pre-booking, the phone will be delivered directly to its shipping address.

Question 9: Can any user buy More than one JioPhone?

Yes, users like Jio Sim will be able to take more JioPhone. But how many JioPhone user will buy it is not decided yet by company.

Question 10: Who are the manufacturer of this phone and where it is made?

According to Reliance Spokesperson, they have done JioPhone manufacturing entirely outsourced.

We have been working on this project, since the last three years and we have created JioPhone, along with the best hardware vendors in the world.

We would not sell it from our old LYF brand name and its campaign would be made from the JioPhone brand only.

Yes, it may be Powered By LYF.

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