Bottle Gourd Juice for Weight Loss Reviews – Lauki Juice Benefits for Skin, Heart Blockage and Diabetes

Bottle-Gourd Juice for Weight Reduction Recipe for Skin, Heart Blockage, and Diabetes

Let’s discuss on when to drink bottle gourd juice for weight loss, skin glow, heart blockage and diabetes. Juice of bottle gourd (lauki) is rich in fiber, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, and vitamins. Drinking this gives energy to the body and also cleans body from within. This makes body functions properly. Here we check how to use bottle gourd juice for weight loss.

Applying Lauki juice cures many hair and skin problems too. Senior consultant of Ayurveda Hospital has listed many benefits of Bottle Gourd showing how beneficial it is. You need to know benefits of lauki juice on empty stomach and how to start the day with bottle gourd juice. If you have any review for; in how many days lauki juice reduce weight then comment in below given comment box.

Benefits of Bottle Gourd juice:

Stops greying of hairs

Add olive oil in bottle gourd juice and apply it on hairs. After half an hour wash off your hairs. Do this once a week. This will stop premature greying of hairs and grey hairs will start turning black.

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Keeps tanning and dead cells away

Add a teaspoon of lemon juice in bottle gourd juice and massage it on the face. Wash off your face after 15 minutes. This will keep tanning and dead cells away and makes skin fair.

For urine problem

If one suffers from pain and inflammation during urination then, drink lauki juice on empty stomach every morning. This controls uric acid in the body and hence gives relief.

Helps in weight loss

Lauki juice is rich in fibers. Drinking Bottle Gourd juice every morning promotes weight loss as drinking it keeps one satisfies longer and improves digestion too. You can check bottle gourd juice for weight loss reviews at here.

Keeps you young

Drinking one glass of lauki juice is beneficial to health as it is rich in anti-oxidants. This slows down the effects of aging.

Relief from constipation

Drinking one glass of lauki juice gives relief from constipation. Fibers and electrolytes present in it improves digestion. This also keeps stomach problems away.

Stops hair fall

Add little mustard oil in Bottle Gourd juice and apply it on hairs. Wash off your hairs after 15 minutes. This will stop hair fall and will also promote hair growth. Follow this regime once or twice a week.

Gives strong muscles

Drink one glass of lauki juice after exercise. Proteins present in it will make muscles strong. It also removes fatigue by giving energy to the body.

Keeps diabetes away

Drinking one glass of Bottle Gourd juice every morning will help control sugar level in the blood. This will keep diabetes away.

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Healthy heart

Drinking lauki juice regularly controls cholesterol level in blood. This helps in keeping heart problems away.

Relief from sleep disorder

If one suffers from the sleep problem, massage lauki juice on the head. This will have cooling property and will give relief from sleep disorders.

Reduces stress

Drink one glass of bottle gourd juice regularly. It has neurotransmitter choline present that helps in proper functioning of the brain. This reduces stress and keeps away from depression.

Relief from inflammation

If you have severe inflammation in foot sole, apply Bottle Gourd juice to get instant relief.

Relief from a toothache

In one cup warm water and a half cup of Bottle Gourd juice and little garlic paste. Use this mixture for gargles. This will give relief in a toothache and mouth ulcers.

Relief in knee pain

If one suffers from knee pain, dip cotton in lauki juice and tie it on the knee. Follow this 2-3 times a day. The problem of knee pain will be sorted.

From above-given benefits of bottle gourd juice, it is clear that it is very healthy option for the body. Due to various vitamins, fibers, anti-oxidants and more present in lauki juice one should drink it on daily basis. It helps in weight loss, relieves various aches, keeps you young and more. So if you have been not using Bottle Gourd juice till now, start including it in your daily routine preferably early in the morning.

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