Brief Discussions and 6 Maths About Retirement

Discussions About Retirement

In America, retirement is treated as a big business now a days. According to one report, there are about 40 million retired persons are there in America only and everyday more 10,000 people are added in strength. There are lots of myths about this new life. Some seems true and some are not. Here, we will discuss six most seen misinformation about retirement. Let’s begin with first.

You’ll be Bored Silly

Every people deserve to do what he wants to. Some plan to involve in politics, some retirees have waited for years to finally be able to follow their dream, some desire to start their own business, some may be play golf or make garden around home. All makes true if it is done. After working for 40 to 45 years, all retirees deserve it. Many people also busy with more pressing activities such as volunteer work, help grandchildren.

You will Worry about Money

It is natural to get quite difficulties to get money in retirement. The option can chose in working years also. Most retirees collect income from Social Security. Many people have a pension, an IRA, 401(k) or other retirement account. One other option is to stay in lesser expensive home and get cash from selling big home. Enjoy trips with cheap and off season passes.

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The Medical Bills will Kill You

After age 65, your body needs more care. Medicare, Medicaid and various insurance plans are necessary for retirees. Do not feel stress with work but enjoy the time. Eat healthy food, get exercise everyday, drive carefully and take all cares of body to fulfill retirement dreams.

You’ll Move to Florida or Arizona

From some years, retirees move to sunnier climate. For example, Florida has suffered migration more moved out than in. if a person needs to go for a long distance, three Cs are taken into account- new Climate, Culture and Custom.

You’ll be Left Behind

World is not stand on 20s, skinny jeans and indie rock music. There are so many TV shows made only for mature audiences. For example, Films like “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and “Blue Jasmine,” TV shows like “Downton Abby” and “Mad Men”.

You’ll be Happy for the Rest of Your Life

Happiness depends on positive outlook and optimistic approach towards life. Passing the age suffers a loss of friends and gain physical ailment and limitations.

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