Calculate Payroll Hours and Minutes Manually – Decimal Conversion Chart

How to Calculate Payroll Hours and Minutes Manually – Calculator with Lunch Break

Calculate Payroll Hours and Minutes Manually: Most employers usually use a computerized system to calculate payroll. It transfers employees’ time Card data into payroll software. But some employers – specifically those with a small number of employees to perform the manual calculation. Account person manually calculates the time cards first and then processes the payroll. When payroll is to be calculated manually, some general rules are to be applied.

Do rounding

Employees’ clock in and clock out time is rounded to the nearest quarter-hour. When doing so, minutes from 1 to 7 are rounded down the closest quarter-hour, while minutes from 8 to 14 are rounded up the closest quarter. For example, time 11:03 will be rounded down to 11:00; whereas time 11: 12 will be rounded up to 11:15.

Convert time to decimals

Payroll minute to decimal conversion chart: How do you calculate pay for the odd minutes when doing manually payroll? After rounding, time is converted to decimal. One quarter is equal to 0.25 hours meaning 1/4th hour is 0.25, the ½ hour is 0.5 and 3/4th hour is 0.75. This applies to employees whose earning is a minimum hourly wage. For employees earning less than that, round the time to the exact number of hours.

How to count Meal/Break Periods

Payroll hours calculator with lunch break: Generally breaks of 5 to 20 minutes are considered as paid time, whereas lunch break which is usually for 30 minutes is considered unpaid time. If it is by policy, then the employee might not need to clock in and clock out for the paid break.

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Payroll Hours Calculation

Payroll hours calculator with overtime: Time cards are maintained on a weekly base. Employees might be paid weekly or biweekly, but when overtime is to be calculated, overtime hours worked for day or weeks are considered and not according to the payroll frequency. According to the federal laws, hours worked over 40 hours a week is considered as overtime and one and one-half times is to be paid for it. For example, if some employee works for 45 hours in a particular week, while calculating payroll he is to be paid straight-time wages for 40 hours and overtime pay for 5 hours.

Calculate pay

Employees working on hourly wages are paid based on their time card. Time cards are weekly and hours worked in a week are multiplied with hourly wages, irrespective of pay frequency. For example, some employees work for 44 hours in one week followed by 30 hours in the next week. His pay frequency is biweekly and minimum wage is $12 per hour. While calculating payroll, pay will be 40 hours x 12 + 4 hours x 18 (for the first week) + 30 hours x 12 (for the 2nd week) which will make $882 gross pay.

Considerations: Every state has its state labor department and certain overtime pay, time card rules, and other rules apply. You are recommended to check it.

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