California Lifeline Renewal Pin: Apply Online, Check Status or Get Detail for Discount Program

Renew California LifeLine Programs Online to Get Discounts – Application Form

California LifeLine program is run by the State that offers discounts to its citizens for home or cell phone services. Through this program, the State helps the needy household to reduce their cost of telephone bills. Here we discuss on California lifeline renewal pin and guideline for how to apply online, check status or get a discount program. The discount is offered to qualified household and only one discount is offered to each household except disabled or teletypewriter users. The household can get the benefit for either a cell phone or a home phone and from only from one phone companies. If you want to know more details then please visit official website.

The California LifeLine program was started on 2009 and the FederalCommunications Commission accepts applications from household interested in getting the benefits. It requires date of birth and social security number or tribal id numbers for all the members belonging to the household. Households for which applications are approved are qualified to get the discounts. The discount is provided for monthly charges as well as up-front costs such as installation fee, deposits, connection fee and service fee.

The household has to continue paying regular rates for the phone services until the applications are approved. Once approved, the difference between the regular and discounted rate will be credited to your bill for the time from date of enrollment or date from which the service began; the later date is considered. You can also request for interest-free plan for paying the up-front charges. If the credit balance is more than $10.00, you can request a refund check too.

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It is recommended that once your California LifeLinediscounted service is activated, you check for signal availability and coverage in your area and areas that you visit frequently. If you are not happy with the signal and coverage, you can get discounted service canceled within 14 days of service activation and no early termination fee will be incurred.

Apply or Renew for the California LifeLine Program

California Lifeline Renewal Pin
California Lifeline Rrenewal Pin

One can qualify for the program in two ways: income based or program based. To get the benefits, you have to qualify for one of the programs. If you are qualified, you have to get personal identification number, PIN forms your home phone or cell phone service provider for the application process. You call the service provider and it will mail you it along with an application process.

Once you receive the PIN, you can submit the application form. You have to apply by the date specified; otherwise, you will not receive the discount. You can send filled application form along with necessary documents through mail at California LifeLine Administrator P.O. Box 8417 Westminster, CA 92684-8417 or can apply online. Follow the step give below to apply online:

  1. Go to the website address,
  2. Type in the applicant’s phone number and PIN that is printed on the first page of your application form.
  3. Select how you hear about California LifeLine program from options. Then click on “Login” button.
  4. Provide details as asked in the space provided and submit the form.
  5. If you are eligible, you will be sent confirmation. If not, you will be notified as ‘disqualified’.
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If you do not have any home phone or cell phone service, you can call California LifeLine Call Centre or search online and find out the home or cell phone companies in your area which is approved by the company. Select the right provider, call it, get the PIN and apply to California LifeLine administrator.

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