Eating Fresh Green Chillies Health Benefits and Nutritional Values

Benefits of Consuming Green Chilies – Fresh Chili Nutritional Facts

Many people love spicy food whereas many just avoid eating it. Green chilies are spicy but are very beneficial for health. These small chilies are not only good for health but also keep you away from many diseases. If you consume fresh and green chilies with your food then it gives you vitamin C. This is the reason many people eat chilies with food in the salad. If you do not eat chilies regularly then you should start eating it soon as it has many benefits. Let’s have a look at benefits of eating chilies:

Reduces obesity

It is more beneficial to eat green chilies with food than to add it to the vegetables. On the regular use of green chilies, there is the reduction in obesity. This is because it contains lots of anti-oxidants that controls obesity and does not allow cholesterol to increase.

Controls cancer

If we remove the stalk of chilies then they can be preserved longer. Anti-oxidants present in the chilies help in controlling cancer. It also has vitamin C. one fresh green chilly is equal to one orange. Hence one should consume it daily with food.

Useful in Malaria

If one has malaria then consuming green chilies will be really beneficial. You do not have to consume it but has to remove its seeds and attach it to your thumb for two hours. If you do it two-three times then malaria fever gets control. This has been helpful to many people but if you do not get relief, consult your doctor.

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Use chilies when burnt

You might be shocked to hear that you should use chilies when burnt but according to Ayurveda, this is really helpful. Green chilies have anti-oxidants that reduce inflammation and prevents getting the boil. You have to crush green chilies with water and apply this mixture on the affected area.

Helps in keeping mood good

If you feel depressed or upset, then green chilies can come to your rescue. You might think this as some joke but it is not as green chilies are also known as mood boosters. It creates endorphin in the brain which helps in keeping mood good.

So, if you have been thinking that green chilies add only spice to your food and have been avoiding it, then start consuming it due to its benefits. The benefits mentioned above are enough to convince one to add chilies to their daily food routine.

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