Educator Expenses Eligible for Deduction: How to Qualifies?

Saving with the Educator Expense Deduction

Educator expenses are those expenses which are beard by the teachers for the school supplies and these are eligible for the deduction if you fulfill the criteria as below mention. The school supplies include computer equipment, education software, other equipment or supplementary materials which are used in the classrooms.

Deductions for the Teachers who Spend Money on Supplies for their Students:

Teachers do not only work for their duty but sometimes they also give a great contribution to educating a child very well by spending their own money to buy classrooms supplies like pens, crayons, pencils or notebooks. Teachers might be eligible for special tax deductions as they spent their own money on their classrooms.

Criteria which should be Satisfied to Qualify for a Deduction of School Supplies:

If you are a teacher for a full time and spends money for your classroom you would likely for the tax deduction. To get the benefits of deductions you must have been a teacher or a principal or a counselor in a school and teaches your students through the standard 12. The most requisite criteria are that you must work for at least 900 hours in a year. This deduction is not allowed to the college professor or a preschool teacher.

Eligible Expenses for Deduction:

The costs of any school supplies or books or educational software are to be included in the school supplies for deduction. However, one can only deduct up to $ 250 as qualifying educator expenses for the year.

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If your spouse is also a teacher and eligible for a deduction of school supplies you can file a joint return and deduct up to $ 500 as a couple. The deduction for the school supply is to be claimed on IRS Form 1040 as these expenses are not itemized.

If your educator expenses are in excess of $ 250 it can be claimed as an unreimbursed employee expense. One can claim this unreimbursed expenses deduction as an itemized deduction as it should be filed on Schedule A.

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