Experian Identity Theft Protection Review

Experian Identity Works Plans and Features

Experian Identity Works is a robust identity theft protection solution integrated with credit monitoring service offered by Experian identity works plan plc, one of the top three global credit bureaus.

This multi-dimensional theft protection service comes with a series of features available in different price plans to suit the needs of the enterprises and professionals to maintain confidentially about their sensitive data and access vital personal information with complete peace of mind.

If you are looking for a comprehensive identity theft solution, read the Experian Identity Theft Protection Review herein to choose the right plan that suits your budget and service requirements.

What Does Experian Identity Works Offers?

1. Online Surveillance and Alerts

IdentityWorks web monitoring system scans your personal data for possible manipulative activities on the internet for 600,000+ websites.

2. Credit Monitoring and FICO Scores

Experian sends credit monitoring alerts to the customers with daily FICO score updates. The Premium plan users get regular updates from 3 credit bureaus.

3. Identity Theft Insurance (Up to $1 Million)

Experian offers insurance coverage to reimburse costs for recovering lost wages, unsolicited online fund transfers, legal fees etc.

4. Fraud Resolution Services

Experian appoints specialists to take care of your legal hassles with the creditors, attorneys, and other authorities in the event of identity theft issues. They deal with the situations while guiding the clients through effective procedures.

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5. Credit Inquiry Alerts

Regular alerts to know if someone is trying to get your credit information.

6. SSN Monitoring

Online surveillance and alerts feature to find any alias, agency or person trying to use your SSN for any purpose.

7. Identity Theft Protection Package for All Important Documents

Once you are subscribed with the Experian Identity Works, you get protection for all your documents with regular notification about any possible personal data manipulation including:

• Social Security Number Monitoring

• Bank/Credit/Non-Credit Loan alerts

• Address change alerts

• Court and Booking record alerts

• Sex offender alerts

Plans and Prices

You can choose to pay the membership fee monthly or annually. The new members can continue with the monthly payment plans to get an experience before opting to pay annual fees. The annual fee comes with a money saver facility where you pay for 10 months every year and get 2 months of the entire service package free of cost. There are two Experian Identity Works plans:

i. IdentityWorks Plus- $9.99/month

ii. IdentityWorks Premium- $19.99/month

Free Trial Membership

When you register for any Experian Identity Theft Protection Plan- IdentityWorks Plus or IdentityWorks Premium membership, you will get the desired package absolutely free of cost for the initial 30-day trial period. Thereafter the prices will be charged based on the registered package. You can free to cancel your membership within the trial period if you are not satisfied with the services or do not wish to continue with the services any further.

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• Get the Experian Credit Lock feature to lock and unlock your Experian credit file with the IdentityWorks package to access easy locking to all credit inquiries from unauthenticated sources

• Low cost paid plans

• Save money on annual payment plans with 2 months free offer

• 30 day trial period for both the packages to get an idea


There are no drawbacks of registering for the Identity Works plans. Every bit of money spent on this identity theft protection service is worthy to bestow security and peace of mind.

• The 3 bureau credit monitoring and alerts are not available for the Plus plan members

• Sex offender registry alerts is available for premium members only

• Live chat support is not available

Final Verdict,

Online identity security is essential for everyone trying to build a professional rapport at the same time taking full control of his or her credit and financial activities. Experian Identity Works is one of the best identity theft protection systems to secure your personal information from fraudulent accessibility, manipulation and other cyber security breaches at an affordable cost. Read more articles on wink24news.

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