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Facebook started testing of ‘Express Wi-Fi’ service in India

Express wifi by Facebook login page: The Internet has changed the way of communication entirely. Various social media like Facebook, Twitter and more has been successful in connecting people. Here we will discuss on FB express wifi India login help. These platforms keep people connected and updated. People can remain in touch, share pictures and all and even found old friends with the help of Facebook.

However, for using Facebook or any other services like that, internet service is the must. Facebook has come forward for this. Facebook was criticized for net neutrality in India earlier. It has now been successful in testing free basics Wi-Fi model here. The main aim of this testing is to provide good quality internet services in the villages of India.

According to the internet.org page of Facebook, companies express Wi-Fi service has been started in India. This is taking help of all possible sectors and will soon be spread to all the remote areas too. Facebook is trying to lure Indians by providing free Wi-Fi service.

Facebook confirmed that this service will be soon available in other areas too. However, Facebook has not made it clear that free basics service will be available for few websites or can be used by users on their wish. Facebook added that through express Wi-Fi, local merchants will help neighbors for good internet speed for fixed income.

Facebook said that local internet service providers and mobile operators will now provide good internet service through software provided by Facebook. Facebook is testing laser drone technique to connect people of the entire world. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that company is testing express Wi-Fi via pilot project for providing Wi-Fi hotspot.

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According to Facebook, people could buy digital vouchers and use fast and reasonable internet on Wi-Fi by using data packs.

We just hope that Facebook this time will successfully provide free basic Wi-Fi so that even the remote areas could now use internet services.

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