File Asurion Mobile Insurance Claim Online to Replace Phone

Asurion, LLC was established in the year 1994 in the United States. It the largest telecommunication company which provides wireless roadside assistance and wireless handset insurance around the world. Here we discuss on how to File Asurion Mobile Insurance Claim Online to Replace Phone? It is not a single company and collaborates with so many business empires such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Bell Canada.

Insurance Covered By Asurion

Mobile phone users often live under fear of theft handset as it contains almost every piece of personal information, details of the online accessible account, credit card details, confidential communication with persons, etc. If your handset lost; you might lose all the things you have saved in it.

The company has covered these risks under an insurance policy. The policy covers the risks against handset lost, handset theft and accidental damage incidents. Asurion policyholders receive the facility of online tracking through GPS service, remote locking, removal of a contact list, and so on.

Steps to Claim Asurion for Phone Lost/Damage/Theft

Method to file a claim with Asurion is convenient to every policyholder and takes very few minutes to complete whole procedure. You need only a computer with internet accessibility and valid policy number. The interesting benefit about this is you can file a claim at any time within 60 days from the date of incident occurred without going its office and at home anytime.

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Procedure to File an Asurion claim

  1. For phone claim, go to your web browser and search for the website Keep in mind that you can claim for policy within 60 days from the date of event occurred.
  2. One information page will open where you need to provide information like your first name, last name, address, contact details and a wireless number of your phone.
  3. After filling all details, type security codes in provided box under filled details and click on “Submit” button.
  4. In a detail box, you should describe incident details so that the company can be aware of each and every portion. Before claiming, read insurance policy so that you come to know your claim will qualify or not.
  5. You also need to provide payment amount, shipping address, and phone details to verify your claim. Before going for a submission, check twice all details you have given.
  6. Once you have click on “Submit”, you can’t change anything in it. Follow revised claim filing procedure, if there is found any change after submission.

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