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First Premier Second Card Application Online – Mysecondcard First Premier Bank offers personal banking, business banking and investment solutions to customers in eastern South Dakota. It issues credit cards too which are accepted all over the US. Here we get details on confirmation number. If you have a very good first premier credit card history, you can apply for second credit card. You will receive an invitation letter for applying for a second credit card through the mail. You have to apply for the second credit card if you are interested.

Apply for First Premier Second Card at

You can apply for the first premier second credit card online at the portal . Following given are the instructions on how to apply for it.

  • Go to
  • Enter confirmation code in the space provided. You will find the number printed on an upper middle area of the invitation letter you have received in the mail. Then click on ‘Apply Now’ button.
  • Your application will be processed in few business days. You will be notified accordingly.

    First Premier Second Card Offer / Credit Card Customer Service
    First Premier Second Card Application

Prerequisites to qualify for First Premium Second Credit Card

You will qualify for the second credit card only if you satisfy certain conditions.

  • If you have opened an account with the First Premier Bank within last 13 months only, then you can’t apply. Your account must be older than that.
  • You have to apply before the expiry date printed on your letter.
  • Your name, social security number and birth date must match information in your bank record.
  • Your existing current account is not in a default state.
  • You must have at least $10,000 as your gross annual income.
  • You must have income or assets that meet required obligations.
  • You don’t have a second account already or have applied for it and the application is pending.

First Premier Credit Card Customer Service

First premier credit card customer service phone number is +1 800-987-5521. For any query for confirmation number; you can ask at customer support. If you have any questions or want any further information about my second card, you can write to First Premier Bank, Sioux San Diego 57117, PO Box 5524.

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