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Fred Meyer Rewards Sign In Account Manage: is a Portland-based superstore company. It has a chain of superstores found way back in 1922 by Fred G. Meyer. Once the company was a pioneer in one stop shopping including grocery, shoe, clothing, electronics, toys, garden need sand much more. Fred Meyer rewards card customer service phone number is 1-866-518-2686.

Fred Meyer store is located in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska. In 1998 the company merged with Kroger. The company is entirely Kroger’s but is still known with the same brand. It had a catchy tagline for marketing “what`s on your list today?”. Fred Meyer’s store in Fairbanks , Alaska has been busiest and largest store many times.

A Fred Meyer store hires 50 to 300 employees. All employees get benefits depending on their position, a number of hours they work and whether the store belongs to a union or not. All employees get reward cards that double as discount cards.

Fred Meyer rewards Program

The company introduced Fred Meyer Rewards, that rewards customers for shopping in their stores, on may 4, 2004. For participating in the program customers have to fill a registration form and in return, they received 3 purple cards. The 3 purple cards included the following:

A credit card and 2 key tags.

In the beginning, customers received one point on spending $5 in a single transaction. The company revised the program in 2007, April 29. They launched FRED MEYERREWARDS MASTERCARD. Customers using MasterCard version of Rewards use to earn double points at Fred Meyers. The company updated to Visa from MasterCard in 2011. The reward rebate is dependable on a coupon that is reusable.

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Fred Meyer Rewards Login/ Sign In
Fred Meyer Rewards

How to sign for your Fred Meyer Rewards

You can take help of any cashier or service help desk person in the Fred Meyer Stores.

You can use your card remembering following guidelines:

  1. Once you get your Reward Rebate Voucher you can use it on any shopping trip you want.
  2. Suppose on a particular trip you decide to redeem your voucher. You can simply ask a store associate to scan your Rewards Card and voucher.
  3. The highest amount that is possible will be redeemed for your purchase. Now if any rebate amount is left, you can use it next time.

The following illustration will clear your doubts if any :

  • For example, you have $100 Reward Rebate and you purchase $40 reward eligible product. so
  • $ 40 will be subtracted from Rebate and you can use $60 next time. Simple isn’t it.
  • You can call Fred Meyer toll free no.1-866-518-2686 Monday to Friday from 5AM to 9AM.

Reward Visa Debit card Official Site
Fred Meyer Reward Card

How to start

To start using Visa card follow the given points:

  • Purchase a prepaid card with a cash amount of $10 to $500
  • Activate your card by calling 1-866-601-8091 or you can also activate it online
  • While doing this you can also apply for personalized card with your name on it.
  • So finally you will receive your personalized card in 7 to 10 working days.


  • You can earn Rewards whether you use reward visa card inside the store or outside.
  • You earn 1 point on spending $1 outside wherever visa is accepted.
  • You earn 2 points on spending $1 inside the Fred Meyer stores whenever you scan and pay by Reward Visa card.
  • You can earn 500 rewards point in a quarter and you will get $5 Rewards Rebate.
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From the following example you can understand the whole system clearly i.e how to earn rewards in 13-week cycle:

You spend $100/wk in the store so you earn a total of 2,600 Rewards point during a 13-week cycle. Now, outside the store you spend $100/wk so you get 1,300 Rewards points. So in total of 3900 Rewards point. So you earn $39 Reward Rebate to spend in the store.

  • There is zero fraud liability.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • It can be used as Reward card as well as Visa card.
  • You can use your Rewards card for a noble purpose too. Yes, you can support a nonprofit organizing by shopping with the card. Each year the store donates up to %650,000 each quarter to local schools, community organizations or any other nonprofit organization you wish. For this, you simply have to link your Rewards card and scan it every time.

How to check the reward earned :

You can regularly check your Reward earned by noting the bottom of your store’s receipt. By creating an online account and logging in and by always updating your information.

To create an online Fred Meyer Account, so that you can access rewards, weekly ads and much more, one has to fill a form online of a type given below:

Create an account
Email address:
Confirm Email address:
Confirm Password:
Select your preferred store:

By creating an account you agree to stores terms and condition.

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