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Best Online Photography Courses and Degree – Free Classes

Photography fascinates many. It is very creative and gives immense pleasure to the amateur as well as professional photographers. Good pictures evoke emotional response and a great treasure too. Many have passion for photography and love to develop skill for it. There are many special occasions for which you would love to take memorable photographs. To help and nurture your interest in photography, there are many colleges/institutes offer online courses in photography. Some of them are free courses.

Photography requires artistic approach and you have to manipulate images. You need to know many technical aspects of it. A good degree in photography helps you work as a better photographer as you will learn about picture composition, lighting, space, background, shape, shadow and many more aspects. It adds professional touch and robustness to it.

Overview of Online Degree in Photography

Online Associate Degrees in Photography

An associate degree in photography takes two years to complete the course. GED recipients or high school graduation can get enrolled for associate degree program. It requires students to earn 60 credits during the course. The course includes study in history of photography, basic drawing, digital photography, nature photography, lighting and darkroom techniques, photograph editing software, photo journalism etc. Students need to have their own photography equipments such as camera, memory card, lenses, tripods, photo editing software etc. Associate degree in photography holders can work as a freelance photographer, portrait studio photographer, photo editor, assistant photographer etc.

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Online Bachelor’s degree in Photography

It takes four years to complete a bachelor’s degree in photography. You have to complete 120 credits during the course. The course work includes history of photography, digital photography, photo editing, image manipulation, technical skill and techniques to produce exclusive photographs. You get opportunities to work with professional camera and equipments. During the first half of the work, you also have to learn general subjects such as English, math, science etc. During later half, you can also opt for focused area in photography. Bachelor’s degree holders in photography can work as professional photographer in television production, newspaper publishing, colleges etc. They can also work as self employed photographer. Photographers with multi skill are more likely to get better jobs.

Online Master’s Degrees in Photography

Bachelors in photography from accredited institute as well as recommendation letter and photography portfolio is needed to get pursue master’s degree in photography. It takes two to three years to complete coursework. Students are taught cutting edge techniques and they have to develop a portfolio having exclusive work. Course places more emphasis on repeated practice of photography, photography in different environments and settings etc. They also attend seminars and submit a thesis project that includes high quality photos. As a master’s degree holder in photography, you can work as a photographer in scientific or medical field, high responsibility photojournalist.

Online Certificate Program in Photography

There are online certificate programs offered in photography. It takes about one year to complete ten programs and usually covers courses in composing and developing high quality photography. Some of the photography programs offer electives in one or two specific areas in photography.

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Free Online Photography Courses and Tutorials

Photography for Beginners

  1. Introduction to Photography and Related Media: It is an undergraduate level course offered at MIT. It is a course of one semester and teaches the fundamentals of SLR analog and digital photography, film development, lighting and darkroom techniques etc.
  2. Basics of Photography – A complete Guide: The course is prepared by friendly Folks at Lifehacker. It is very comprehensive course for beginners.
  3. Free Beginner Nikon Digital SLR Photography: It teaches how to use various features of the camera and is a very high rated course.
  4. Karl Taylor’s Free Photography Course: It is a very popular course from instructor Karl and preferred by many.
  5. A Complete Introduction to Photography: It covers everything from taking pictures to developing it.
  6. Strobist: It is a very popular course and focuses mainly on lighting.
  7. Cambridge in Color: It is very good for beginners and consists of many elaborative video lessons.

Post Production and Specific Techniques in Photography

  1. Using a Photography Light Meter: It is a course for beginners and guides to use how to use the meter.
  2. Getting started with adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5: It provides comprehensive video lectures on how to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
  3. Create a Gorgeous Photography with SmugMug in 90 Mins: It is very popular course that helps you create beautiful pictures.
  4. Computational Photography: It is a course offered from Georgia Tech and covers various aspects of photography.

If you love photography and want to develop skill to take gorgeous pictures as well as learn various features associated with it, you can enhance your photography skill by joining the online courses in photography.

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