Get My SAT Scores College Board Login

How to Get My SAT Scores on the Login: Online Guide for SAT Students Login is a very popular website for the candidates taking the SAT exams. If you are searching for Get My SAT Scores CollegeBoard then you are at right place. There are useful study resources, free practice sessions, scoreboard to see scores at the earliest, send scores to respective college authorities and much more.

If you are preparing for the SAT and wish to improve your scores, view the results early, it all takes a few steps to register an account at the official website and get going with ease.

Several College Board account users ask the question- how to view my SAT Scores College Board. Read this guide on how to view the SAT scores on the College Board website.

Register Your Account at the

You must create an account at the College Board to view your SAT scores. If you are particularly looking for SAT resources at the website, follow the steps below to sign up your account.

• Visit the College Board website link-

• On the homepage, you will get the sign up link

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• On the sign up page titled Create Your College Board Account- select the type of account you want to create- as a student or as an education professional

• Click on the student registration page link

• Fill in the Student Information correctly- Name, Sex, Email address, Date of High School passing, ZIP/Postal Code, School you are attending at present, Parent Information

• Create username, password and security question

• Ensure filling the details correctly and click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed to the sign up completion

Note: You can register an account as a student or as an educational professional. Fill in all the information to complete the account registration successfully.

How to Check the SAT Scores College Board

You must sign in to your login account to check your scores. Follow the steps below to check your scores:

• Visit the College Board Homepage

• On the top right corner of the page, click on the Sign In link

• Enter your username and password to visit the account dashboard

• On the dashboard, click on the option- ‘My Organizer’

• Select the option- ‘My Tests’

• On the list choose- ‘My SAT Scores’

How to Send the SAT Scores to Your College/University

You must enter the name and details of your college at the ‘Update Score Recipients’ section of your College Board account if you wish to send the SAT scores to your college. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

• On the account dashboard, click ‘My Organizer’

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• Select the option- ‘My Tests’

• Now Click on the option ‘Registration Completed’

• On the page click on the option ‘Update Score Recipients’

• Enter your college details properly and click ‘Add’

• Click ‘Update’ when you need to send the scores to your college

Why Create a College Board Account

There are so many reasons; the SAT students will find the College Board account extremely beneficial.

Free Access to Khan Academy SAT Preparations

If you are taking the SAT examinations, it is worth taking the SAT preparatory classes at the Khan Academy. These classes and study materials are available to the College Board registered students free of cost. Get access to the free personalized SAT practice materials, tests and lot of resources to get more points in the future tests.

Get the SAT Scores Faster

College Board is one of the trusted resources where you can get the SAT scores earlier. Once you have registered an account and entered the test information, it is easy to get the scores early and even forward them to your college.

Single Account for Multiple Purposes

If you are taking multiple courses, a single account on College Board gives you access to information related to AP, SAT, CLEP, BigFuture, NMSQT and PSAT. Read more articles on wink24news.


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