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Google Travel Planner Desktop Version – Plan Holiday Trip Online

Google trip planner desktop application: Are you planning your Holiday? Your favourite Google is now all set to help you plan your holiday travels. On Thursday the company has launched a new feature that allows you to search customized travel recommendations; you will get flight and hotel confirmations through Gmail.

On a BlogSpot, it has given an example in which a traveller has booked a hotel in ‘Austin’ city, and Google is displaying flight prices, nearby restaurants in the city, events in the city for the specific day on which the hotel is booked.

It has also introduced ‘Google Your Trips’ tool with which you can keep track of your travel research. It will show you places you have saved flight tickets you have tracked and search flight and hotel for that destination for you. This help you pick up your travel research when you come back to Google. You can view past and future travel reservations from Gmail. Google is updating the tool next month. You will be able to access flight price, hotel searches and places saved by you through the tool.

The company has already launched Google Flights’ price trend this August which provided tips for holiday plans for Thanks Giving. They are going to expand it to include travel during the eves such as Christmas and New Year.

Google uses current recent past prices to analyse and predict the rise or fall in the flight price in next five days. And this information will be made available for places world over in coming weeks.

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They are also soon introducing a ‘Google Location Score’ tool which will provide information such as how to get to the airport, public transportation available from the given location, distance to the bars, landmarks and more. The tool will use Google map to provide this information.

Google travel tools are going to be of great help in planning your holidays; it simplifies and expedites the trip planning process. If you have questions for Google trip planner desktop application then visit their official blog for more information.

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