How to Claim British Airways baggage expenses or compensation

British airways claim compensation online – check status

British airways baggage claim status: The airline companies are somehow responsible for taking care of your Baggage if they fail to do so customers who are traveling with their carrier can Claim British Airways baggage expenses or compensation claim. This claim is a special one which customers can file with an airlines company to recover losses that are made by the time your baggage was with the airline.

You can claim when your baggage gets damaged, destroyed, delayed, or misplaced. By making this expenses or compensation claim with British Airways compensation, you simply are asking for the compensation for your baggage which is damaged, delayed and lost baggage directly from the British Airways.

By claiming this expenses or compensation with the carriers like British Airways, you may receive a compensation for your damaged, delayed and lost baggage. This is an amazing service by the British Airways, as even if you don’t have any of the insurance for your baggage, you can claim for the compensation which will get some kind of compensation from British Airways to you.

About British Airways

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British Airways

British Airways is airline operated from the United Kingdom. The company has a big experience of almost 40 years. They are into providing best of the online services to their customers.

How Can You Claim Baggage Expenses or Compensation with British Airways?

We are required:

  • Your luggage must have lost, damaged or destroyed on a British Airways flight.
  • You must have reported beforehand about your luggage which is missing or damaged to British Airways.
  • Your luggage information must be handy so as to proceed further.
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Step By Step Guide

  1. Switch on the computers.
  2. Double click on any of the browser you want to work on.
  3. Now, on the address bar go to the British Airways damaged, delayed and lost baggage website at
  4. Now on the page that gets opened, click on the button “Start a claim for expenses or compensation”.
  5. Click on the button “British Airways claim form”.
  6. Following the details, enter all the information when and where it is asked to.
  7. Fill in the details about you, your journey and bags in the required fields.
  8. Fill the claim information.
  9. To submit the form, click on the button saying “Agreed” this will submit your claim form.

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