How to Negotiate with Insurance Adjuster to Getting What You Deserve?

How to Talk or Deal With Insurance Claims Adjusters?

When any accident occurred you have to consult with your insurance company as to claim compensation for injury or damages. In this case, your insurance company sends an insurance adjuster to investigate the accident occurred as to identify the real fact of occurrence of an accident. Now the question is how to talk with the insurance adjuster to maximize your claim benefits? The answer of this is prescribed here as under:

  1. Remember that the insurance adjuster is the paid employee of your insurance company. They are trained people to investigate accident cases. When the insurance company suggests you to give your statement orally on a phone, you should prefer to negotiate with the insurance adjuster. When you meet him don’t sign any documents if he insists you. There is not any specific checklist to deal with the insurance adjuster but you beware of some important strategies to deal with him.
  2. Insurance adjuster uses some tricks on you. They always try to keep the payouts low as possible as the insurance company will make a profit. So always be very careful to negotiate with him.
  3. You should always be determined by your claim worth. Before you talking with adjuster you should think about all damages occurred caused by an accident and how much the amount of settlement should be. It’s your own estimate figure as you should keep in mind while you are speaking with the adjuster.
  4. Make a list of all damaged personal property as you were present at the time of accident occurred and consider all things which should be included in the list of damages. Compute the amount which should be claimed according to you.
  5. After completing the investigation by the adjuster request him to compare all the damaged items with your list. If any item missing from his list ask him to include it in the list.
  6. When adjuster makes you the first offer at lower price don’t immediate be ready for the claim amount as it’s his negotiating tact.
  7. After negation when adjuster makes claim amount at or near your estimated amount you should immediately confirm the agreement and tell him when you want to receive settlement documents from the insurance company.
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