How to reduce allergy and asthma treatment costs

Best Ways to Cut the Cost of Allergy Relief

Office people and students generally caught by allergic symptoms as they are in contact with a number of people the whole day. When a person caught with fever, cold or any common disease, generally it has happened due to the presence of allergic components in air.

People avoid going to the doctor but use OTC to cure early. But according to one medical research, Prescriptions are more effective than OTC remedies. They are cheaper in the long run also. Following are 5 easy ways to reduce the cost of drugs taken to get relief from allergy. Let us discuss in detail.

Avoiding treatment can be costly

As per one health report, around one third people have allergies. At workplace also, employees suffered from allergic symptoms and lost more than two hours productivity. Do not ignore allergy attacks and regularly take pills and go through in time treatment. Prefer common skin prick test rather than a blood test. It is a faster way than any other test.

A prescription pays in more than one way

A doctor’s prescription is more effective than taking medicine yourself. For example, steroidal nasal sprays which should not be used for more than a few days. Many times OTC drugs are work accurately, getting a prescription for medicines from the doctor. By this way, a person can also pay from flexible spending account.

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Shots pay off over time

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology reports that immunotherapy patients saw 38% lower treatment costs owing to fewer overall doctor visits and drugs. A doctor may suggest immunotherapy in one or two times a week for up to eight months and for three to five years.

An alternative treatment is on you

Patients also look for alternative treatment like Acupuncture, biofeedback, hypnosis and eating local honey. Over a long time period, clinical data has to prove for widespread effectiveness. For example, $100 contraption and $20 variety of drugs store is very fine for most of the people.

For gear, there’s no need to splurge

Dust is very common allergy components amongst all lists. To reduce allergic symptoms of dust, people generally use air purifier such as air conditioner. To stop dust entering into the home, fit HEPA filter to trap pollen, dust and mold spores. HEPA filter does not require AC and only cost $50. It works fine in small rooms as well as big rooms.

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