How to Use Peanuts for Lowering Cholesterol?

Roasted or Boiled Peanuts Cholesterol Content, Nutrition, and Calories

Peanuts for Lowering Cholesterol: Peanuts are full of nutrition and easily available in the market. According to health experts, it is very beneficial in many heart diseases specially heart attacks and strokes. Peanuts are not only good for heart patients but it also controls blood sugar, reduces cholesterol level, helpful to diabetic patients and is also makes teeth and bones strong. It is also helpful in stomach related diseases. Following are the health benefits of eating peanuts:

In winters, peanut oil can be mixed with milk and rose water and this mixture can be used to massage the rough and dry skin. Skin becomes smooth.

It reduces cholesterol as it is mono-saturated fat. It is beneficial to our arteries too.

It increases milk production hence lactating mothers should intake more peanuts. As mentioned earlier it is very beneficial to heart patients and makes teeth and bones stronger.

It is useful in treating stomach related problems.

Manganese is found in peanuts that control blood sugar level.

Eating peanuts in winter is very beneficial as it gives heat to the body and is helpful in treating cough and keeps lungs strong.

Peanuts are a rich source of protein which makes them ideal for kids too.

If 50-100grams of peanuts are consumed daily after food, it increases digestion, weight and increases blood in the body.

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Peanuts are the rich source of Vitamin K, E and B and rich in calories too.

Take care of following before eating peanuts:

Avoid eating salted peanuts as it increases calorie intake much in the body.

Chew peanuts properly in case you have acidity problem.

Asthma and jaundice patients should not consume peanuts.

Hence peanuts are good for health but it is always good to consult your dietician or nutritionist before including them in your diet daily.

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