How to Wash Walmart Photo Blanket

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Washing instructions for Photo Blanket

Walmart sells a variety of blankets. You can personalize blankets with photos of your favourite pictures or special moments on it. Photo blankets come in different size and fabrics. If you have a question like, can you wash Walmart photo blanket? Then let’s check washing instructions for photo blanket. There are different varieties of phot blankets; fleece, plus fleece, Sherpa and woven.

How photo image is created is different for different varieties. In knitted blankets, knitted photo throw is made from yarn and in woven blankets, photos are woven with thread. In a photo blanket, the photo image is woven or knitted into the fabric. A woven photo blanket is a superior to knitted one keeping colour representation in consideration. In the case of fleece, the image is printed on the fabric. Now let’s check easy guide on how to wash a picture blanket.

How to Wash Photo Blanket

It is easy to wash photo blankets which needs little care. It should be washed in a way so that photo picture doesn’t get washed out or diminished. Usually guidelines are provided about how to wash the blanket on the pack of it. Following given are the guidelines on how to wash a Walmart photo blanket.

You can wash fleece blanket separately with cold water on gentle cycle. You need to tumble dry it on low heat setting. You shouldn’t dry clean it or iron it.

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You can wash woven blanket in cold or lukewarm water and air-dry it on a gentle cycle. You shouldn’t use any bleaching agents for wash.

Buy Walmart Photo Blanket

You can go to the Walmart store and order it or place the order online. You can elect from different designs and templates for photos. You also get good deals many a times. When you order a photo blanket, you need to upload your photo.

You can also create your account at and your photos will be stored there permanently. You can choose from two different sizes and also in portrait and landscape. Usually, the order gets ready in 5-8 days. When the order is ready, you can go and pick it up from the store or get it home delivered.

For more information and washing instructions for a photo blanket, you can visit

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