If The Planet Jupiter Underwent Gravitational Collapse

In this article, we will get details about I the Planet Jupiter Underwent Gravitational Collapse and then what will happen.

The angular momentum will remain exactly the same but the radius decreases. Think of an ice skater in an ellipsis as she brings her arm closer to her body.

Its rotation would increase. Think of it in terms of an ice skater spinning around with her arms outstretched. If she pulls her arms nearer to her, she spins faster.

The technical term for this phenomenon is called; Conservation of Angular Momentum.

If Earth Had A Pair Of Identical Moons On Opposite Sides Of The Same Circular Orbit

If Earth had a pair of equal moons with their own elliptical orbits, then the center of gravity of the double-moon-Earth system would be outside our planet, but inside the path of the moons, Inside the earth, but off center.

Why Do You Think Saturn And Jupiter Have More Moons Than The Other Planets In Our Solar System?

Why some planets have many moons is basically because of their size. The planets in our solar system that have more moons are the large planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

They’re so big that they can collect a lot of moons. If comets swing by them, they can sometimes absorb comets, they can grab asteroids.

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The Amount Of Gravitational Force That Acts On A Space Vehicle While In Earth Orbit Is

The amount of gravitational force that acts on a space vehicle while in Earth’s orbit is: nearly zero.

Gravity can never become zero except maybe at infinity.

As we move away from the surface of the Earth the gravitational force becomes weaker but it will never become zero.

The gravitational force is inversely proportional to r2. Here, r is the distance of the point from the surface of the Earth.

In conclusion, if the planet Jupiter underwent gravitational collapse, it would be a catastrophic event with far-reaching consequences.

The loss of Jupiter’s gravity would disrupt the orbits of the planets in the solar system, and the debris from the collapse would rain down on Earth, causing widespread destruction.

This is a scenario that we must do everything in our power to prevent from happening. Read more articles on wink24news.

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