Is U-Haul Insurance Worth It?

When you’re planning a move or need to transport goods, U-Haul is a go-to choice for many. While renting a U-Haul truck or trailer is relatively straightforward, you’re often faced with the decision of whether to purchase U-Haul insurance. In this article, we’ll explore the world of U-Haul insurance to help you decide if it’s worth the investment.

Understanding U-Haul Insurance

What is U-Haul Insurance?

Before delving into the worth of U-Haul insurance, it’s crucial to understand what it entails. U-Haul offers two primary insurance options: the Safemove® and Safemove Plus® packages, which provide coverage for your rental truck or trailer.

The Importance of Insurance for Rental Vehicles

Rental vehicles, including U-Haul trucks and trailers, come with their own set of risks. Insurance can provide peace of mind in case of accidents, damages, or theft during your rental period.

Evaluating U-Haul Insurance Options

Safemove® Insurance Package

The Safemove® package offers coverage for damage to the U-Haul truck or trailer, including collision damage waiver and cargo coverage. It also includes medical and life coverage for you and your passengers.

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Safemove Plus® Insurance Package

Safemove Plus® includes all the benefits of the Safemove® package, with added coverage for damage to your personal belongings, damage to other vehicles, and supplemental liability insurance.

Determining the Worth of U-Haul Insurance

Consider Your Existing Insurance

Before opting for U-Haul insurance, it’s essential to review your existing auto insurance and renters/homeowners insurance policies. These policies may already provide some coverage for rental vehicles and personal belongings.

Assess the Value of Your Belongings

If you’re transporting valuable goods, the coverage provided by U-Haul insurance can be invaluable. Consider the replacement cost of your belongings and whether you can afford to replace them in case of damage or theft.

Evaluate the Rental Duration

The length of your rental period also plays a role in determining the worth of U-Haul insurance. Longer rentals may have a higher risk of incidents, making insurance more appealing.

Weigh the Costs

U-Haul insurance comes at an additional cost, so it’s essential to weigh the expense against the potential benefits and peace of mind it provides.


In conclusion, the worth of U-Haul insurance depends on several factors, including your existing insurance coverage, the value of your belongings, the rental duration, and your budget. It’s essential to make an informed decision based on your individual circumstances. While U-Haul insurance can provide valuable protection, it may not be necessary for every rental situation.


FAQ 1: Does U-Haul insurance cover damage to other vehicles?

Yes, U-Haul’s Safemove Plus® package includes coverage for damage to other vehicles involved in an accident with the U-Haul rental.

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FAQ 2: Can I decline U-Haul insurance if I have my own coverage?

Yes, you can decline U-Haul insurance if you have alternative coverage that extends to rental vehicles. Be sure to check the terms of your existing insurance policy.

FAQ 3: Is U-Haul insurance required by law?

U-Haul insurance is not required by law, but it is recommended for added protection during your rental.

FAQ 4: Can I purchase U-Haul insurance after renting the vehicle?

Yes, you can purchase U-Haul insurance at any time during your rental period, even after you’ve picked up the vehicle.

FAQ 5: Does U-Haul insurance cover towing another vehicle?

U-Haul insurance generally does not cover towing another vehicle unless it is a U-Haul-owned trailer or tow dolly. Be sure to review the policy details for specific information.

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