Japanese Salad Cake Recipe: Best Nutritional Salads Disguised as Cakes

Japanese are Going Crazy about New `Salad Cakes’

Salad cakes inspired by Japanese: Cakes are one of the most tempting foods. People of all age group loves eating it and ends up in feeling guilty as it has lots of calories, fats, sugar and all such things which makes cakes not a healthy option to eat. However, in Japan people are relishing super yummy and still healthy cakes. Confused? People in Japan are eating `salad cakes’ these days. Simply, they are nutritional salads disguised as cakes. If you want to learn japanese salad cake recipe, then check our recipe department.

Now you can enjoy eating these types of cake without having any guilt. However,at present, this pleasure is only available to people living in Japan. The beautiful salad cakes are food stylist and designer, Misuki Moriyasu. He sells these cakes in his new café Vegedeco, in Nagoya.

Japanese Salad Cakes by Misuki Moriyasu
Best Nutritional Salads Disguised as Cakes

Misuki invented these cakes while working at another restaurant. Customers had such a positive response to this delicacy that he decided to open new café for it. By using vegetables, Misuki has created this lovely invention full of colors in form of cakes. He has made vegetables more palatable.

These salad cakes are made by mixing whole vegetables, roots and all with soybean flour. In the mixture, very little or no sugar is added. For icing, Misuki mixes vegetables with cream cheese or tofu. This results in a cake that has low carbohydrate and gluten free..

A slice of salad cake can cost you 735 yen (around $8.50). This is the starting price. Whereas, set meals starts from 856 yen ($10) that include a slice of cake with a cup of Vegie Drop Tea which is filled with vegetable phytochemicals .

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If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you may be disappointed. But if you never had salads in your menu list, at least give this beautiful salad cakes a try. You will not be disappointed.

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