Lap Band Helps Fat People Who Want To Lose Their Weight – Lap-Band Reviews and Cost

FDA Recommends Broader Lap-Band Approval for Obesity

The Food and Drug Administration has recommended using a device named Lap-Band for the people who are suffering from obesity. Here we discuss on Lap-Band reviews and cost. This Band is designed to help fat people who want to lose their weight. Every year around, 100,000 implanted this Band which helps them to lose 50 pounds or more weight. Being overweight increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

This facility is not available to all people. The high cost of the procedure will remain a barrier for many potential patients. According to a survey, More than a third of all American adults are suffering from obesity. Among them, 15 million people who have a body mass index of 40 or more or a BMI of 35 or higher if the person suffers from a weight-related medical problem such as diabetes or high blood pressure meet with gastric banding surgery criteria under existing guidelines. By decreasing the limit of 35 to 30, will increase eligible patients to limit of 27 million.

One patient shared her experience that her insurer denied her doctor’s request for a band procedure because her BMI was 39.3 as well as she had no serious conditions. In U.S., adjustable band is started from the year 2001, but it was popular in Europe and Australia from many times.

This device was developed as an alternative to gastric bypass surgery. In this procedure, a ring is placed on the top of the stomach and inflated with saline to tighten it and restrict how much food can enter and pass through the stomach. The procedure is reversible and relatively less risky than traditional surgery.

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Though it is a relatively less risky procedure, it is expensive surgery. The device itself costs $3,000 and the surgery cost range from $14,000 to $20,000. According to experts, Lap- Band can help patients to control their weight but it cannot replace healthy lifestyle choices. It makes life easier, not easiest. The habit of over-eating will not change the result because the device also has some limitations and it can’t do few things.

The drug industry is constantly trying to develop medications for weight- loss that change eating habit. To develop these drugs, they are investing billions of dollars but most of them are not affected much. The drugs are proven unsuccessful because the brain’s fundamental drive to eat enough food to maintain current weight is disturbed by medicines.

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