Learn Basic Meditation Techniques for Beginners: Best Way to Meditate

Best Way to Meditate for Beginners: How to Learn to Meditate

Most of us know very well meditation benefits and so we all have a common question like, how to learn to meditate for beginners. Our mind has tremendous potential and is responsible for whatever we do in our life. If not used correctly, it can be the destructive force in the life. Normally, an average person thinks about 70,000 thoughts a day. This continuous flow of thoughts influences the way we think, our preferences, our likes and dislikes. Usually, we let them shape our life. Have you thought that these thoughts, desires, likes and dislikes are really yours? Have you ever felt that thoughts may come from outside and you have unconsciously considered them as your own? Here we will discuss on basic meditation techniques for beginners.

Some of the thoughts are healthy thoughts, whereas others are unhealthy thoughts. Unhealthy thoughts are unproductive and sometimes can run amok. Our mind is always busy searching, analysing, reasoning, fighting and debating with ourselves and struggle to acquire peace throughout life. Don’t you think that you would like to control your thoughts and become the master of your mind? If you can control thoughts, you can work wonders and get great peace of mind. Meditation can help you achieve this.


Meditation is a technique that controls your thought process. It transforms your mind from agitated and stressed to clarity, emotional, positivity and calmness. With regular practice, it leads to energised and peaceful state of mind. Meditation is an approach to training the mind as fitness is an approach to training the body. Actually, it is very difficult to stop thoughts in our mind all-together. Meditation is a state of awareness. Many thinks meditation is sitting quiet or to ponder, but actually it is much more than this. Meditation is a state of mind that occurs when it is calm and silent, yet completely alert. It is beginning of transformation in you that takes you to higher level of awareness. So, how to achieve this state?

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How to Mediate: Meditation for Beginners

How to Mediate Meditation for Beginners

People do meditation for various reasons such as getting to know oneself better, finding calm, quelling the internal chatter and getting inner peace and much more. Whatever may be the reason you want to meditate for, beginners feel confused about how to begin and stay motivated. It requires regular practice to get the benefits. Follow the guidelines given below to achieve this. It is better you do under guidance of some Guru in the beginning.

  1. Choose the time you are most comfortable. Once you are familiar to mediation, you can do anytime to calm yourself or to reduce anxiety. Early morning can be the best time. Or you can take evening time when you have finished your work and are relaxed.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes and choose a quiet place. For the beginners it is very important that the environment is not distracting. Turn off the TV or Radio if on. If outside noise is there, close windows and doors if needed. You can use dim light or candle in the beginning to help you concentrate.
  3. Sit or lie comfortably. You can even sit in a comfortable chair. Don’t worry about folding your hands. You can keep them in your lap or hang at your sides. Tilt your chin as though you are looking down. It helps you open up your chest and ease your breadth.
  4. You can keep your eyes closed or open. Many find closing eyes help more to concentrate as you won’t get distracted by the movements in the surroundings.
  5. Don’t try to control your breadth, just breath naturally. You inhale and exhale through your nose only, keep your moth closed. But make sure your jaws are relaxed.
  6. Focus your attention on your breadth and feel each inhalation and exhalation. Observe your body movement when you breadth. You don’t bother much about thoughts coming to your mind. If you feel your mind is wandering, gently try to nudge your attention back to your breadth. In the beginning you can start with 2-3 minutes practice and then slowly increase the duration over the time.
  7. Don’t be too hard on you. All the beginners feel inner chatter. You just try to come back to present moment. Your life won’t change overnight. You practice everyday and try to lengthen it slowly.
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Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

There are innumerable short-term as well as long term benefits of meditation provided you do it in a right way consistently for a long time. Some of the benefits are discussed below.

Physical Benefits

With consistent practice of meditation, every cell of the body gets rejuvenated. As a result you will feel more energetic and enthusiasm. Your immunity will improve and you will find improvement in your physical conditions. It lowers high blood pressure, reduces blood lactate level, reduces anxiety attacks, decrease in tension related problems such as headache, insomnia, ulcers, muscle and joint pain etc.

Mental Benefits

Regular meditation practice will lead your mind to an alpha level state that promotes feeling of inner peace and joy. It decreases anxiety and your emotional stability improves. You get more focused and your creativity increases. Your clarity of mind increases and it helps you take decisions easily. You get good control over tension, anger and frustration.

Other Benefits

You will see a positive transformation in your life and will find yourself full of bliss! You live life with harmony and learn to live with nature. You will discover your true self. You will feel the God presence in you. Your attitude towards life and seeing other changes for better. You can handle any of the situations well. You become more compassionate, kind and a loving person.

To conclude, you must have realized what meditation can help you in life and the benefits you will get on doing regular practice of meditation. You just have to dedicate few minutes of a day. You don’t pay any price for it, but in return what you get is priceless, no worldly pleasure can buy you the wonderful experience and feeling you will get through meditation!

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