List of Expenses that must be Paid by an Individual, No Matter He has Money or Not

8 things You should Pay for – No Matter What

It is hard to decide which bills get paid first and which are not especially when there is not enough income to cover all expenses. Most of the people do not prioritize some bills like fire insurance or any other home insurance. Here is a small list of expenses that must be paid by an individual, no matter he has money or not.

Home and Auto Hazard Insurance:

Most Americans live in areas where firefighters will do their best to put out a fire at their home. But the damage saves only when you have a secured insurance because the costs of rebuilding a home or repairing smoke and water damage can be expensive without insurance coverage.

Life Insurance:

Life insurance is must for bread earner, if the family is completely depends on him. Though Life insurance policy is expensive, one can purchase a term insurance policy instead of life insurance (whole). Before buying policy from outside, make sure if employer or credit union is offering policy at discounted rate.


In this great winter, everybody needs a heater at their home. Many families have to face power off because of non- payment of gas or electricity bills in time. When families can’t heat their homes with power and gas and they get desperate, they turn to gas and kerosene heaters to fires for heat. Companies may impose large reconnection deposits and sometimes heavy penalties, which make it more difficult to restore service.

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Medications, Medical Tests and Exams and Urgent Care:

Medical bills are as large to pay out-of-pocket and it becomes more difficult when you are unemployed. If there is a family history of breast cancer or glaucoma, mammogram test, undoubtedly life insurance is necessary for each family member. Don’t take chances with health and be insured.

Bald Tires and Bad Brakes:

Both above expenses are turned in auto accident, if they are not paid. Use brake safety standards from the material of break safety awareness.

Roadside Assistance Service:

Many insurance policies including auto manufacturers, auto insurers and credit card programs offered special service of “tow limits” known as roadside assistance service. Being stand on roadside without enough cash or credit card is unsafe as well as unwise and even get paid huge charges for public tow yard.

Homeowners’ Association Dues:

Because of unpaid due of more than 15% of the units in a building or complex, mortgage lenders stop lending to new buyers who want to purchase units. Home Owner’s Association has the power to foreclose on home and sell it at auction if dues are high.

Property Taxes:

Country tax assessors can also have a power to foreclose home if property tax is due.

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