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Logitech Customer Support Center

Logitech service center always for you with toll free logitech customer service number India and Logitech customer support live chat. In the current era of modernization and digitalization, how many types of digital products we use for various purposes either for business or personal? Have you ever think about it? Since you get up in morning up to night, we use numbers of devices including PC, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and many more.

Especially if we talk about PCs, are they come in single device? No, not actually. Many devices come together make a complete PC. They include mouse, monitor, keyboard and more. It may possible that all these devices are manufacture and supply by different companies. However sometimes it happens that most of peripherals are manufacture by same company.

Some companies are standard and very popular for the PC peripherals they make. About which company we are going to discuss is also a maker of computer devices and more. Name of this company is Logitech. May be some of you will not need any introduction after knowing name of the company. It is because of the name is very famous in the industry of computer and tablet peripherals. But who are new to this name, for them we have given below a brief introduction of the company. Take a look at the same.

About Logitech:

Commonly to whom we know as Logitech, the full name of the company is Logitech International S.A. this swish company is one of the market leader and global provider of top brand PC accessories. Company is always concerned with making a better mouse. Around 34 years ago, in year 1981, it was founded by Daniel Borel and Pierluigi Zappacosta.

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Computer and tablet peripherals are the main products of the company. As we will move on in our discussion, we will see the list of the entire products offer by Logitech. Company operates from both headquarters from United States as well as Switzerland. It has many offices throughout Europe, Asia and the rest of Americas. Company serves its products worldwide. More than 9000 employees are working with Logitech. In same production line, company has many competitors including Cisco Systems Inc, Hp Inc, Microsoft Corporation, Universal Electronics and VOXX International Corporation.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the products offer by Logitech.

Products Develop and Market by Logitech:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Trackballs
  • Microphones
  • Game controller
  • Webcams
  • Home and computer speakers
  • Headphones
  • Wireless audio devices
  • Mobile phones
  • MP3 Players
  • Joysticks
  • Digital pens and more.

After seeing the products list of Logitech, we can say that it is a one stop shop for your entire requirement regarding PC peripherals and other related devices.

As mentioned above that in Asia, Logitech offices are situated in many countries. India is one of them. Especially, in main cities of India, company’s offices are operating. If you will visit the corporate website of the company www.logitech.com then you can find complete details of all offices available in India. If you need any type of help regarding Logitech products and other then you can contact on given number on the website in India. In many cities including Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Kolkata Logitech operates offices. On the website of the company, you can easily find information about your nearby Logitech office in India.

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For each different type of customers service, there are different offices operate by the company. Like Product Development Center is situated in Chennai; marketing office is in New Delhi; sales office in Mumbai. However information of other offices in India is also available on the website.

To register your complaints as being a customer of Logitech India, you can contact on below given numbers from Monday to Friday between 9.30 am to 6.30 pm.

Toll Free Number: 000 800 600 1133
Logitech keyboard Customer Service Phone Number: 91-22-2657-1160
Fax number: 91-22-2657-1472

In addition to toll free number, Logitech also provides facility of live chat. With this you can share your problem online via chat with the customer support executive of the company. In fact is more easy and faster to solve your trouble regarding Logitech products and services. This Live chat customer support service gives you the fastest Logitech support.

On the website of the company you can view “Support” tab on almost every web page of the website. This tab has man sub options like support + downloads, support community, harmony setup and contact us. Under this support tab you will find the option for live chat. All you need to discuss your query with available live customer support executive on chat and follow the instructions to solve the query.

So, this is the best way to communicate with Logitech via chat. However toll free number is always there, if you wish then you can get support via phone call as well. This award winning customer support service is one of the very important factors of company’s success.

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