Mapco My Rewards Login: Register for Gas Discount or Gift Cards

Register Your MAPCO Rewards Card Online

Mapco Express is a subsidiary of Delek US Holdings Inc., a diversified energy company. Here we discuss on Mapco My Rewards Login to get a gas discount or gift cards. The company operates a chain of convenience stores seven Southeast states; half of the retail stores are located in Tennessee. It offers quality products and runs a My Rewards loyalty program.

MapcoExpress runs My Rewards that offers its customers many benefits. Moreover, they can also choose rewards from gas discount, gift cards or free items from its store.

It is not mandatory for you to register your Mapco Reward Card. But if you get it registered, you get several benefits which are exclusive to its members such as:

  • You get 3¢ off on every gallon of gas you purchase.
  • On each purchase you make, you will be rewarded points. You can redeem your accumulated points to get further discount on our fuel or buy items from the store for free.
  • Many a time you will get rewards, surprise gifts, clubs and giveaways such as free gas for the whole year. When every time you swipe your card, your entry is made automatic. When you have rewarded clubs, you get the one-gallon milk free on purchase of 10 gallons.

Register Mapco Rewards Card

My Mapco Rewards Sign In/ Login
Mapco My Rewards Login

Online registration is a simple process and just takes few minutes. Follow the steps given below on how to make registration for Mapco Rewards Card.

  1. You can visit any Mapco Kiosk and get your account created or you can visit the website
  2. Go to the link “Register Now”.
  3. Provide the details such as name, address, zip code, email address, contact number etc. Create your PIN number.
  4. Complete the registration process following given instructions. Once registered successfully, you can log in to your account anytime.
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Mapco My Rewards Login to Manage My Rewards Account

By logging in to your My Rewards card account, you can view and manage your reward and update your profile. If you don’t keep your membership card active for 9 months, your membership will expire. Follow the steps given below t login to your account. You may also check my sheetz card rewards program at here.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Type in your card id, email address or phone number and enter your 4-digit PIN in the space provided.
  3. Click on the “Login” button.

For further information, you can refer to Mapco Express official website.

You can also refer to the frequently asked questions Mapco My Rewards Program frequently asked questions at

Get your Mapco card registered and enjoy all the rewards and freebies! You can check more news at here.

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