Michoacan, Colima, And Mexico City Photos, Before And After The Earthquake

Mexico City Before And After Earthquake Images

mexico earthquake image

A powerful magnitude 7.7 earthquake rocked the west coast of Mexico on Monday, killing one person, with shaking reported as far south as Mexico City.

The earthquake occurred at around 1 p.m. EST, with the quake’s epicenter in a sparsely populated area of Michoacán state, as informed by the US Geological Survey.

after mexico earthquake

In around 100 kilometers (62 miles) of Colima, near the epicenter, intense shaking capable of “moderate” damage was reported.

Meanwhile, approximately 500 km (310 miles) away in Mexico City, weak shaking was noted, likely capable of “light to moderate” damage.

mexico earthquake images

Firefighters closed certain buildings in Mexico City to the public due to potential for collapse. The storm in Manzanillo in the western state of Colima caused the death of one woman.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador described the woman’s death on social media in a post, citing Jos Rafael Ojeda Dur n, Secretary of the Navy.

people injured in mexico earthquake

There are no scenes as of yet recorded in Mexico City, according to the city’s mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum. The quake’s magnitude was initially analyzed by the Geological Survey of the United States as 7.6.

Mexico’s national seismological agency subsequently upped the magnitude value to 7.7 at the press event on Monday.

Mexico: Huge Earthquake Topples Buildings, Killing More Than 200

effect of mexico earthquake

At least thirty people, mostly children, died after a school collapsed in the capital of Ecuador, local media reported. It occurred shortly before a drill, exactly 32 years after an earthquake killed thousands in Mexico City.

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An earlier death toll of nearly 250 was lowered to 217 by the country’s national coordinator for civil protection:

Huge Earthquake Topples Buildings

• Morelos state: 71 dead

• Puebla state: 43 dead

• Mexico City: 86 dead

• Mexico state: 12 dead

• Guerrero: 4 dead

• Oaxaca: 1

Michoacan Earthquake Update And Images

Michoacan Earthquake Update

A 7.6 earthquake shook the west coast of Mexico on Monday, coinciding with two other powerful earthquakes that took place in the past.

Michoacan Earthquake photos

The Michoacan Public Security department made no immediate allegations about damage inflicted in the state of Michoacan beyond some cracks in the buildings of Coalcoman.

Michoacan beyond some cracks

Colima Earthquake Update And Images

Colima Earthquake Update

There were no immediate reports from authorities of any major damage stemming from the quake, which struck at 1 05 p.m. local time, the U.S. Geological Survey said. One person was killed in the port city of Manzanillo, Colima, after a wall collapsed at a mall during the catastrophe.

Colima Earthquake photos

Irlanda Villa, of coastal Coahuayana, near the border with Colima, some walls had fallen, but the big fear was that a tsunami would follow. All were afraid the sea would go out, but in the end everything is fine.

The Mexican government earlier issued the following guidance on what to do if a quake strikes in the country:

Mexican government guide

• Stay Calm

• Find The Evacuation Route And Meeting Point

• Stay Away From Windows And Objects That May Fall

• In Case Of Emergency Call 911

• Do Not Use Lifts


Mexican government guidance

Mexican government guidance for Mexican people

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