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PetPremium Login: Every pet is just as a family member and needs health care just as a member of the family. You can take a good insurance plan to meet the healthcare needs. Here we will discuss my pet premium account registration and sign in help. If you are planning to take an insurance plan, then PetPremium can be a right choice for you. It offers various plans for pet dogs and cats which will definitely suit your healthcare requirements as well as budget.

This insurer provides a wide range of plans for dogs and cats to suit almost every healthcare need and budget. It has an online quote system and you can ask for a quote in order to get information and insurance plan for your pet. It also allows adding a wellness plan to your insurance policy.

My PetPremium account login is very easy and after registration, you can manage your account online. The insurance rate varies according to the state and forms the online quote you will be able to figure out whether PetPremium provides you the best deal in your state or not. PetPremium has made a name for the pet insurance with its streamlined approach and easily customizable policies to choose from. The online quote system and easy process for making claims it is being considered as one of the best places to get pet insurance.

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PetPremium Insurance Features

The free online quote makes it easier and convenient for you to decide the best insurance for your pet.

There is an online pet health center that where you can get basic information about pet health problems. It is very helpful to understand health-related problems of your pet.

Coverage Details

PetPremium offers four different pet insurance plans named as plan 1, plan 2, plan 3 and plan 4. All these plans are annual deductible means the company will pay veterinary charges only after you have paid form your pocket. Following given is some details about these plans.

  1. Plan 1 is the cheapest one and it covers accident and ongoing illness and provides up to $2500 for an incident. You can select 70%, 80%, 90% coverage. If you take a plan with 70% means you will get 70% of the veterinary charges you have paid.
  2. Plan 2 covers accidents, ongoing conditions as well as illness and it is the most popular of all the plans. It doesn’t include coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions.
  3. Plan 3 offers you the best balance at an affordable rate. The plan coverage includes accidents, behavioral therapy, ongoing conditions, hereditary and congenital condition, illness, wellness and alternative therapy. It is a very versatile plan. For this plan, you get coverage up to $5,000 for an incident. If you want to save on premium and also get good coverage, it is recommended that you get coverage of 80% that has a $250 annual deductible.
  4. Plan 4 is a high-end plan. The plan covers all the benefits of the plan 3 as well as covering up to $7,000 per incident. If you are much worried about your pet meeting a major accident or having a major health problem and you don’t mind paying money for your love to the pet, you can consider this plan. Under this plan, you can get coverage of up to 90% and just $ 100 deductible per year.
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What plan you should opt for depends on how much you want to spend. Higher the premium less is the deductible.

Several Ways to Customize Your Plan

In addition to the choice of selecting from one of the four plans, it allows you to customize the plan 3 and plan 4 by adding one of two optional wellness packages by paying the small monthly fee. It also offers you several options to select from several deductible and co-pay options. It even allows you to select whether you’d like to be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Purchase PetPremium Online

PetPremium lets you purchase an insurance policy online very easily. It is very simple. You just get a quote with the help of quote tool. Then answer the questions asked about your pet chooses the level of coverage you would like to get. A table with available plans will be displayed showing details of coverage and other important information. Go for deductible and co-pay that meets your needs and then enter details regarding payment. For any difficulties, you can make a call to PetPremium, you will get an immediate response.

Claim Process

If you have to make a claim, the process is very simple. You can print the claim form from the website. It’s a one-page form, fill up required information and you can just send it by email, mail or fax. It doesn’t require any information to be filled up by your veterinarian also. You can also track your claim online at the website of

If you love and care for your pet and are worried about its health care needs, you can definitely consider buying a policy from PetPremium.

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