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UnitedHealthCare Medicare plan allows you to earn rewards of $25 to $50 for completing healthcare activities. Here are the 2022 programs under the Medicare plan.

UnitedHealthCare Renew Active

UnitedHealthCare introduced the Renew Active, the gold standard in the Medicare program to make fitness activities fun for aged adults. Members can voluntarily join this comprehensive health and wellness program for their bodies and mind at no extra cost.

You can join program; UnitedHealth Personal Rewards combines incentives and tools to help you make more informed health and lifestyle decisions. Now let’s see renew active UHC program in detail.

Perks under Renew Active fitness program

  • Free membership in the largest gym or fitness center at your location
  • Access to thousands of workout videos online
  • Stream live videos of fitness classes conducted by experts
  • A free personalized fitness regimen
  • Chance to join online Fitbit community and compete with other members there
  • Access to the exclusive content of AARP to stimulate brain health Renew Rewards Program

The Renew Rewards program enables you to earn rewards points for doing things that can keep you healthy, like

  • Going for annual checkups or wellness visits
  • Tracking and uploading daily walking steps
  • Taking flu shots
  • Doing bio-metric screening
    • Diabetes-related eye exam
    • Osteoporosis screening
    • Breast cancer screening
    • Rheumatoid arthritis visit
    • Colorectal cancer screening
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On completing your activity, you need to report it to UnitedHealthCare by calling or logging in to the website. You can redeem your rewards points into gift cards.

Does UnitedHealthcare have a rewards program?

United HealthCare has various rewards programs for all ages and groups of people. Here is the list of rewards programs offered by this insurance company.

Reward Programs for Employer-Sponsored Plans

Earn rewards using the Rally website and mobile app

With the Rally website or mobile app, you can set a wellness routine by accepting a mission, taking fitness challenges, and connecting with a coach.

You can earn Rally coins for completing your mission or fitness challenges. You can also get rewards for just logging into the site once daily.

Simply Engaged Rewards Plan

Under the Simply Engaged program, rewards are offered for participating in a bio-metric screening and completing health activities given to you to stay fit. You need to record the activities on your personalized dashboard for tracking them.

UnitedHealthCare Motion Program

This program enables you to earn $3 to $4 every day for reaching your fitness goals. You need to track your activities using a fitness band and upload your results to your account. Rewards will be added up to your health savings account on achieving goal.

UnitedHealth Personal Rewards

It is a custom reward program depending on the health and lifestyle of the insurer. Employees will be rewarded after measuring their performances. It includes

Quit for Life

It motivates employees to lay off tobacco products.

Real Appeal

It encourages employees to participate in weight-loss programs.

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Reward Programs for Medicare Members

Renew Active

Renew Active program is designed to encourage aged insurers to participate in physical and mental activities. You can be eligible for this program by joining a local gym or fitness center. You also can subscribe to the Fitbit Premium to start working out from home and build community with other Fitbit members. Additionally, you need to take on brain exercises to stimulate your mental health.

Renew Reward

Under this program, you can earn rewards by achieving fitness goals, such as tracking your walking steps, getting flu shots on time, opting for annual checkups and wellness visits, and doing preventive screenings.

Reward Program for Medicaid Members

UnitedHealth Personal Program

A few UnitedHealthCare Medicaid plans are eligible for rewards programs. If your scheme includes a reward program, you can earn it by simply doing activities that can help you to improve your health, like completing health screening.

Does UnitedHealthcare give giftcards?

Yes, UnitedHealthCare offers gift cards to all its members. The insurer provides a $100 reward certificate on registering and creating an account. You will receive the certificate through an email containing a personalized link just after creating your account.

Additionally, you can attend countywide fitness challenge events to get the opportunity to rake in another $100 reward certificate. For this, you need to attend at least three-weekend events.

Apart from this, there are scores of other rewards programs to enable you to rack up hundreds of points each month on completing fitness missions or challenges as per your plan. You can redeem these accumulated points into gift cards. However, you need to wait for 8 to 12 weeks to get your gift cards.

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How do I get my free Fitbit from UnitedHealthcare?

As a UnitedHealthCare member, you can get one Fitbit device every two completed years of your insurance scheme. Additionally, it enables you to track your daily walking goals and earn up to $1000 rewards per annum from UnitedHealthCare Motion Program.

Gold standard Medicare members are also eligible for Fitbit Community membership. You don’t have to use a Fitbit device to become a community member. You can actively participate and connect with other members by logging into your Fitbit account through your PC or downloading the Fitbit app on your mobile or tablet. Furthermore, you can enjoy all these at no extra cost.

To connect your plan with Fitbit, you need to install the UnitedHealthCare app and Fitbit app on your mobile or tablet and log into your accounts. While setting up your new device, enter the first nine digits of your membership ID. If it includes any dash, exclude the dash and all digits coming after it.

Unitedhealthcare Rewards Login

To access the UnitedHealthCare reward login; follow given steps;

  • Go to the link here from your laptop or PC.
  • On opening the page, click on Sign In located at the right side of the page
  • You will find three options there.
    • Plan through your Employer
    • Medicare plan
    • Sign in to another secure site
  • If you are registered on an employer-sponsored plan, choose the Plan through your Employer option. If you are a Medicare member, you need to select the Medicare Plan option.
  • Employer-sponsored insurers can register for the rewards program account with their personal information (such as name and date of birth) and Identification proof (with Health Plan ID or Social Security Number).
  • People under the Medicare plan can register for the reward program with their personal information and Plan Member ID (7 – 11 digits number on your member ID card)

Register for your suitable option to enjoy 2022 and various other rewards programs applicable to you. UnitedHealthCare uses HealthSafe ID for account registration to keep your information secure. Your personal details will only be used to provide you health and wellness tips and recommendations and contact you in the future.

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