Passport Rules 2017 India – List of Documents Required New Passport Application Online

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Government announces change in passport rules

Get a passport in 10 days with Aadhar card in India: Indian government has done many changes in the passport rules to make the entire process of passport making easy.

Now it would be easy to make passports of orphans, kids of single parents and others. Now names of father and mother both will not be required for passport making.

What has been changed in passport rules?

  1. Earlier people born before 26/01/1989 had to submit birth certificate separately. Now for birth-date, school TC, birthdate on PAN card, birth-date on Aadhar card, driving license, voter id and insurance policy will also be valid.
  2. Now it will only be necessary to give the name of any one of the parent or guardian. Due to this now single parents will find it easy to apply for their kid’s passport. Now with the application by the applicant, name of mother or father will be mentioned on the passport.
  3. Married couples need not give Annexure ‘K’ or marriage certificate now.
  4. Orphan kids who do not have a birth certificate or mark sheets with a birth date can now submit orphanage’s head signed letter pad with their birth date.
  5. For kids born outside marriage, only Annexure G has to submit for making the passport.
  6. A government employee who is not able to get id proof from their office can now submit self-declared Annexure N in the case of emergency. But they have to declare that they have already told about the passport making to their company.
  7. For Sadhu and sanyasis can now add their guru’s name in place of guardian and apply for the passport. They should have a certificate that shows that their guru is their guardian.
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The Indian government will soon apply these changes. The notification of these above-mentioned changes has already been sent to the passport offices.

With the above changes, it seems passport making for some people including the kids will be quite easy now. So take advantage of the new changes and make passports if have not made it till now.

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