NJ Unemployment Claim Status: How do I Know My Claim Status?

NJ Unemployment Claim Status

Herein is a concise guide on claim submission, eligibility and claim status inquiry to help you inquire the NJ unemployment claim status online or by phone call in case you have already filed a claim online or by telephone.

The Department of Labor and Workforce Development in the State of New Jersey has the provision of granting unemployment insurance protection to the candidates losing job in the region without any fault of their own.

Essential Requirements for Unemployment Insurance Claim NJ

• The applicant must have worked in the last 18 months in the State of New Jersey only

• The applicant must not have worked for the Federal Government, the military services or as maritime employee during the last 18 months

• The candidate is not living outside the US

Note: The unemployed candidates who do not meet one or more of the following requirements can still contact the helpline to file a claim by telephone.

Documents Required to File Your Claim

While you do not need to provide the copies of the documents, but you must keep the following information ready before starting the claim filing process:

• Social Security Number

• Alien Registration Number (If not US citizen)

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• Bank Information (If you choose to receive the benefits by direct bank transfer)

• Pension Information (for the pension/401k recipients only)

• Separation pay duration and amount (if you are receiving any)

• Recall Day (if there is any possibility that you may be recalled to resume the job again)

• Military form DD-214 (for applicants who were in military services during the last 18 months)

• Union Hiring Hall details inclusive of the local phone number and address (for candidates getting job through any Union)

Employer Information (Records of Employment during the Last 18 Months)

You need to provide the following information about each employer with whom you have worked during the last 18 months:

• Name and Address of the Employer

• Telephone Number of the Employer

• Details of occupation

• Start and End date of Employment

• Reason of Leaving the job

How to File the Unemployment Insurance Claim

You can file the unemployment insurance weekly benefits claim online or by phone call. To file your claim online, visit http://www.njuifile.net/.

To file your claim on telephone call the following Reemployment Call Center helpline numbers depending on your location:

Freehold: (732) 761-2020

Union City: (201) 601-4100

Cumberland: (856) 507-2340

Out-of-State: (888) 795-6672

Note: If you are filing the claim online, make sure you do not leave the computer idle for more than 30 minutes. The online form is session expiry post the duration and the you will see the ‘time out’ message on the screen.

Make sure you complete the process within the time limit and click the submit button allowing the system to save the information or else, it will not be saved for further access by the authorities.

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How to Inquire NJ Unemployment Insurance Claim Status

The applicants who have filed their claims online may inquire the claim status if they do not receive any communication from the concerned authority. You may either visit the website of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development NJ or contact the helpline for information.

If you have already filed the unemployment insurance claim for weekly benefits, you can get the exact information on the claims status at https://njsuccess.dol.state.nj.us/njsuccess/html/claimInquiryHome.htm.

NJ Unemployment Claim Inquiry Phone Number

While it is always convenient to inquire the unemployment insurance claim status online, you can also get the information over telephone helpline from the claims agent.

For In-state Claimants (You can also get the phone numbers at NJ DOL Websites)

Cumberland, South Jersey- 856-507-2340

Union City/ Northeast New Jersey- 201-601-4100

Freehold, Central and Northwest New Jersey- 732-761-2020

For Out-of-State Claimants

1-888-795-6672- 24×7 Helpline for automated claim status inquiry

The claimants looking to talk to the claims agents should contact the phone numbers during the official working hours every Monday to Friday between 8.30a.m.-4.30p.m. (EST). Read more articles on wink24news.

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