OfficeMax Warranty Register Online: File or Track Claims, Check Information at Office Max Solutions Warranty Registration: File and Track Claims Online

Today we are living in an advanced and technological revolution. So, we check OfficeMax Warranty Information online, we also register OfficeMax Warranty online. Here we discuss on warranty registration and file or track claims.

Today we can do everything very easily and fast. Before some year we have to visit at market or store for buying anything. But today internet makes our life easier with an online shopping facility. There are lots of brands available in a market that provides an online shopping facility. Today we will pick one of them Office max which provides warranty online facility.

Office max is an American subsidiary office supplies retailer store chain. It was founded in 1988. They are selling all office related items in their stores. They provide best branded and best qualities products. They operate approximately 941 stores in 47 states. They provide an online shopping and direct shipping and make their life easier.

If you want to use Office Max’s online services then you need an account on their web page. If you are first time user and don’t know anything about it then don’t to worry. Today I will show you everything in detail.

How to Create an Account

  1. First, you have to visit at
  2. Then go to customer log-in tab and click on Request a login
  3. Enter your name, PIN, address, zip code, contact number, fax number and email address
  4. Then click on “Send request” and complete registration process
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Once completing the registration process you can access your account whenever you want. But you need to complete login process first.

Officemax Warranty Information Check/ Extended Warranty
OfficeMax Login

How to Log In Account

  • First, you have to visit at
  • Then go to customer log in tab
  • Enter your username or Pin and password
  • Then click on “Log in”

After completing log in a process you can access your account and check details. You can use online process for online shopping and direct shipping facility. They provide warranted online services. OS you not need to worry.

I think you can get a perfect idea from my above instructions. So read carefully and follow my instructions. Use online services from your comfort place and time. So you can save your time and money both.

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