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You can play monopoly and win in promotion at Now the website address changed for this site as So, you can check Albertsons weekly ad on this address. You can be one of the lucky winners to be rewarded $1,000,000 Cash and many more exciting prizes. It is very easy to participate in the promotion.

How to Participate?

To participate in this promotion, you have to get tickets. You can get tickets in two ways. You receive tickets every time you purchase items excluding tobacco or alcohol products, lottery tickets, and stamps. The participating stores are Safeway,arrs, Randalls, Albertsons, Eagle, Pak ‘n Save, Tom Thumb, Supermarkets, Market Street, Amigos, ACME Markets, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s Supermarkets, United Express,Lucky at Southern California, Super Saver stores, Vons, Star Markets and United Supermarkets.

Online purchase is not considered for game tickets. The number of tickets will be decided by transaction amount. Only one transaction per three-hour time period is considered. You can also receive one bonus game ticket if you have purchased 10 products in a single shopping.The right to a number of items and quantities that can be purchased is with the store itself.

It is not necessary that you purchase products only in order to get game tickets. You can ask for one game ticket and one bonus game ticket through mail limited to one request per one envelope. Vermont residents don’t need return postage. You have to send a handwritten self-addressed and stamped envelope at the address:
MONOPOLY MON-09 Collect and Win Game Ticket Request,
Attn: Promotions Coordinator
P.O. Box 965068, Marietta, GA 30066.

Albertsons Weekly Ad Online
Albertsons Weekly Ad

Eligibility to participate and win a prize

  • The participant must be of the age 18 or above and a legal U.S. resident; Florida state has excluded from this Promotion.
  • The resident must have physically visited a store or resides in a Market State.
  • Employees and families of participating stores, I.R.S. listed dependents, family members of people serving in the military are not allowed to participate. For employees, there is a separate MONOPOLY Collect and Win Employee Game. All the participants have to follow the rules and agree to the conditions of the game.
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How to Play Monopoly and Win!

You open the perforated portion of your ticket and you will find lots of information such as a special discount offer, instant prize, sweepstakes coupon code, free product coupon etc. You will also get game markers that can be used on the accompanying game board. There is a glue strip on the back of the game markers and you have to moisten it. You place the game markers on the mentioned matching prize play area spaces provided on the game board.

In order to play the game and claim the prizes, you have to register your account at . It is very simple to sign up an account. You need to provide details such as your name, address, phone number, ZIP code, store name from where you purchase the tickets. One you have registered successfully, you can login anytime by just clicking “returning player” button.

Prizes to Win

There are numerous prizes to be won! The first prize is $1,000,000 Cash with a 30-year annuity. It will be paid in an equal annual instalment of $33,333.33 each year for 30 years; an option is available to get single lump sum payment of $624,000 awarded as a check. Other mega prizes include $500,000 check for vacation Home, $100,000 Cash or Luxury Car that is also to be awarded as a check, $50,000 check for Home Make Over, $35,000 check to buy vehicle of your choice, $20,000 for College Tuition, $10,000 check for Jet Ski, $5,000 groceries gift cards, $2,500 awarded for BigJoe Grill & Groceries, $1,500 check to purchase LED HD TV, $1,000 Grocery Gift Card and many more other prizes. It is very simple to win one of the Major Prizes, you just simply need to match the official game markers to the exact corresponding game markers on the game board and verify it. You will find each prize marked on the game board.

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Register to participate and be one of the lucky winners! There are numerous prizes and countless possibilities to get awarded!

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