Practicing Yoga can Help Asthma Sufferer Breathe More Easily

Yoga can Help Asthma Sufferer to Live Better

Many health benefits of yoga has been known and proved. It has been shown that yoga reduces back pain and pain of arthritis. A new study has found that practicing yoga can help asthma sufferer breathe more easily. An international health care non-profit organization, The Cochrane Review, suggested that yoga can improve the quality of life of people suffering from asthma.

A research was carried out by the team of Chinese University of Hong Kong. Lead author Dr Zuyao Yang, from the University of Hong Kong, said results prove that practising yoga lead to small improvements in people with asthma condition.

The researchers took under consideration 1.048 participants that included male and female between the age of 6 months and 23 years old.

Researchers says, yoga has the potential to relieve both the physical and psychological suffering and could reduce the medication of asthma that patients take. It calms the mind so may cut down the odds of asthma attack. But the research does not show up to what extent yoga can help people with asthma.

Also, Dr Zuyao Yang, said that the research team were not sure if there were any negative side effects to asthma sufferers from practising yoga. The author also added that further research was needed to prove whether yoga can become alternative to medication for relief in asthma. According to the Global Asthma Report, 334 million people are affected with asthma worldwide.

The research was published in Cochrane Library. It found that yoga improves quality of life and symptoms in asthma patients.

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