Some Predictions about Fed’s Tapering Plan, Money and the Economy

In finance sector, we have find uncertainty in this sector. From few years, so many banks are collapsed and the economy is in depression how long this situation will be carried. There are some predictions about Fed’s tapering plan that which steps should be to taken to overcome from this economic abyss.

Prediction 1: The Economy Will Get Back on Track

At one point of view, if Washington hadn’t gotten in the way, 2014 is shaping up to be a lot like 2013. Short term debt deal is in progress and midterm elections are pending. By seeing this, it is predict that it will keep congress on its best behavior long enough to get the economy back on its track by 2015. The initial news of Fed’s tapering also makes market flying higher.

Prediction 2: We’ll Rack Up $35 Billion in Credit Card Debt

CEO of finance websites CardHub and WalletHub says that from the beginning of 2011 they have added $115 billion in new credit card debt to their tab. The CardHub models project increase that by $35 billion in year 2014. Our means of living should be start be start with simple budgeting and has to change now. Without the support of housing bubble, pre-recession spending habits are no longer in existence.

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From the records of the National Foundation for Credit Counselling, out of five Americans only two has developed the habit of saving and budgeting by tracking their spending. According to this, one can not track and watch on spending and saving if he don’t know how much he earns in a month and spend in the same.

Prediction 3: Initial Perks Will Continue to Pay Off Big-Time

If we see the average household expenditure in credit card, it is $6700. But here, credit card companies should offer customers with 0 percent rate. It enables customers to transfer existing debt from one company to another.

Prediction 4: Obamacare Will Be Front and Center

Obamacare have a great impact on all living human being. Some people believes that rather than none of coverage cost, it covers lower cost. According to others, it is higher payment of premium.

Prediction 5: The Stock Market Will Continue Setting Records

In year 2013, Dow Jones has give Industrial Average setting about 52 times high. S & P goes to 500 and Nasdaq level was high which was not seen since the 90’s. The prediction is that whether it will be continue in 2014.

Finance and stock market experts have given mixed opinion on this matter. Fundamental data indicate the growth. Investors should tread carefully and consumers should save money as much as they can.

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